A (somewhat) honest look at what it's like to be a single, Christian woman in her mid 30s in Sydney who wants to remain true to the life that God has planned for her but doesn't want to let go of her dream of being in a relationship again and eventually being a wife and mother

Thursday, 20 October 2011

So what's been happenin' Miss365?

Well yes. It has been a while. I have been thinking of you all and I have actually checked in a bit and had a peek at your blogs. I just couldn't bring myself to write anything about being single or my life here over these past 7 weeks. 

The best thing I have done in these past 7 weeks is not do any online dating at all. 

Ok. Well I did check into one former site when they gave me some free time. And I did find an email from a member about something random addressing something from a forum post from ages ago which sparked a four day conversation about music and fitness. But I had no illusions and once my time was up it was done. I didn't pay for the site to continue the conversation and he didn't ask for my details so I was able to leave it at that. 

So why was I able to leave it so easily? I mean this guy....smokin' hot. The former Miss365's mindset would think and possibly articulate "Out of her league" but Miss365 has had her butt in the gym for the past 6 weeks and if it's not already up there check out how much I've melted off my bod with clean eating and learning how to run.  The Miss365 now was thinking "Smokin' hot but I really don't have time for this." I know!

I have no time to think about men or boys for that matter when I am either cooking, exercising or wishing that my body wasn't quite so sore after exercising but secretly liking it because I know I've actually done some hard work. 



Which actually isn't a bad question really.

God has been quite persistent in getting me to work on this anxiety thing. He is way past the pruning stage and now has the root killer out. We are getting to root of the matter.

And it's surprising what is coming up. And who, how and where these revelations are taking place. 

I'm still a mess. My home is a bomb site. How Clean Is Your House would have a double epsisode here but not as many pots are rattling anymore. And when they start I have enough knowledge now to begin to think about what just "turned the heat up" and started them going. 

It's quite freeing really. Still very noisy inside my head at times. But now that I am listening to the rattling it's easier to work out why it's happening in the first place. Sometimes I can stop it with a scripture, other times a song of praise and other times just a stern word to myself to "Cut it out." Lol. 

I'm soooo happy in my job and praying that I can stay. It's unlikely because of reshuffling at a system level but I have enough support where I am at and with several people of influence that maybe, just maybe I will be able to stay. I figure that God gave me this "out" from that situation before - He's got this one covered too. :)

I've missed writing this blog but I needed to step back and concentrate on other stuff for a bit. I'm hoping that I'll be posting a couple of times a week again. 

Now I'm off to check out what you've been up to! :)



  1. It feels so good to see you posting again! I have missed reading your blog. And I am so happy for what God has been doing for you! I will continue praying for you as you continue moving foward!

    Love Chronicler

  2. Ooh, I have missed you! But am so glad that you can listen to the rattles and stop them in their tracks (on their saucepans?). And that you are working on your fitness and, of course, the added bonus of losing weight.

    Keep living and having fun. Hope to hear more good stuff happening in your life soon.

  3. You've reminded me of my latest favourite Bible verse "But by God's grace I am what I am." 1 Cor 15:10a - it reminds me that God has brought me THIS far and He has made good progress and I can trust Him in this moment, this stage of the journey, that I am who He wants me to be right now.

    Congrats on becoming smoking hot! Keep up the good work - inside and out :)

  4. Everyone needs to take a break from dating, or it's easy to get burnt out. I was sick of dating guys I wasn't attracted to just because I felt obligated to give them a chance. I was sick of meeting perverts through online Christian dating sites. I'm still lonely. I'm still sex starved. But I'm much happier.

  5. yay I'm glad you're back. It's good to take a break. I've been all for that over the past few months...there is just something about stepping away from technology for awhile...well--not my movies...does that count? Count live without a little escapism...But going to the gym sounds like a very useless productive way to spend your time. Good for you, I'm so proud :)


  6. Um...yeah, so I meant "useful"....oopsie :)



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