A (somewhat) honest look at what it's like to be a single, Christian woman in her mid 30s in Sydney who wants to remain true to the life that God has planned for her but doesn't want to let go of her dream of being in a relationship again and eventually being a wife and mother

365 good things

My ongoing list of 365 good, amazing, fabulous things I have achieved or been able to do because of being single. The blessings if you will ;) ( Just in case this blog gets a little whiny! Lol ! )

1.I can have Nanna naps in the afternoon after work, after Church, whenever I choose and I don't need to worry about if I am ignoring the needs of anyone else.
2. I can decide on a Thursday to fly to Melbourne for 3 nights on Friday and do it.
3. I navigated the world of mortgages and interest rates, contract signing and everything that goes with it to buy my very own flat ( apartment, condo for those non Australians ! )
4. So far as a single person I have flown and landed in the following places on my own - Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau ( on my way to Hong Kong ), Kuala Lumpar, Los Angeles, New York and Jakarta. 
6. I have negotiated, traded in my old car and bought a new car on my own and did not get ripped off. In fact I think sounding cute over the phone worked in my favour ;)
7. Had the honour of being Aunty "Miss365" to my friend's kids and in particular one little poppet who bears my name as her middle name. And I got to see her brother being born. I love those kids. And there are a couple more on the way whom I know I will grab my heart too :)
8. I can paint my bathroom walls lilac and keep all my womanly hair, body and face beautifiers in prime grabbing easily positions without requiring explanation of why it's important to have soooooo many bottles of eye cream or moisturiser or whatever ;) 
9. It is easier to listen to that still, small voice that has been prompting you to help in Queensland for the past couple of days ( despite being 900km away ) and take grab the opportunity when God gives you instructions to "Go". 
10. I can choose to leave the Christmas fairy lights up all year round because I like them and they are pretty without having to perhaps convince someone else that it's not appropriate to have Christmas lights up in February ( or June ) or even at the moment perhaps a Christmas tree....:S 
11. I maaaaayyyyyy have decided at around 1am while reading a really quite excellent book the other night to get up and bring back to bed with me ( and eat ) a Peppermint Magnum - I've never tested this but I'm pretty sure that this would not occur if I was sharing a bed with another ;o) 

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  1. As I tell my married girlfriends - the best thing about being single is that I can buy ALL the shoes I want and no one will complain :)



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