A (somewhat) honest look at what it's like to be a single, Christian woman in her mid 30s in Sydney who wants to remain true to the life that God has planned for her but doesn't want to let go of her dream of being in a relationship again and eventually being a wife and mother

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

-249 Well....beep....you!!!!

Breathe....it's ok....that isn't aimed at you. Nor did it come out of my mouth.

But I did unfortunately hear it from two different girls last night coming home from work on the train and then walking home and both apparently were talking to their boyfriends/husbands or "Babes" as they so loudly declared as they picked up before the expletives were exchanged.

Now in both instances I was not interested in what the problem in the relationship was that day but I kid you not both of these young women ended their phone calls with the words "Well *%#$ you!" and then they hung up as loudly as their mobile phones could.

Don't you just miss the days where you could slam down the handset of the phone with emphasis?! Lol!

Anyway, as I unlocked the door to my single person abode last night I did start to wonder if all that relationship angst is going to be worth it. Am I going to be able to give up the the flat that I am decorating to my taste ? Cooking or not cooking dinner each night to the demand of my tastebuds ? Reading until all hours and falling asleep while the bedside light is burning brightly and not disturbing anyone ? Not having to negotiate life with and being tempted to end phone calls with an expletive...ok perhaps not....ok maybe a milder version of one and then a fustrated hang up of my mobile phone.

Crumbs. Am I becoming "set in my ways?" And preferring to be single because I like it ?

Oh dear. I'm going to bed. I don't like where this is heading. ;)


Saturday, 25 June 2011

-250 Sorry for MIAness

I really don't know where this week went. And I haven't been pondering my singlenss too hard. Nor have I any Bachelorness to report.

The only thing of interest I did this week was go and see Joshua Radin on Tuesday night which was awesome - 90% of the audience was female - of course and I think I've been trying to catch up on sleep since. ;)

Today I went and visited a couple of friends and their newly minted baby of only a week old. Yet another boy. He doesn't have a hilariously grumpy face but despite this flaw he is gorgeous. Lol.

It's 9.00pm on a Saturday night and I am so tired I am contemplating quite seriously going to bed now.

Perhaps I am coming down with something.

Sigh. That will be fun for my holidays...only 5 more work days and then 2 weeks of glorious sleep ins!


Sunday, 19 June 2011

-251 A Bachelor Update

Yep. I realise it's been a while.

And there is a reason for that.

I have no news.



Bachelor 4 turned out to be barely interested. We are facebook "friends" but despite several opportunities to meet me in person he hasn't chosen to buy tickets to gigs in my state. So we comment on various things on each other's pages every now and then but that's about it.


Well there is no next.

I'm taking a hiatus from the "mess with my self esteem" that is online dating. Every now and then I'll get a little bored and check in but until I can completely get my outside matching my personality I'm going to continue attracting the wrong kind of guys. And not attracting the kind of guys that I am attracted to.

Well that's how I feel today anyway. I could be back logging in again next week but it's just been a massive waste of time so far.

So that's the Bachelor Update. *sigh*

Either you are nodding your head along with me totally getting where I am at or you are feeling much better about your own pursuits. Well done you if it's the latter.

Still praying for those on The Faith Files anyone else want their name on this list for specific, daily prayer? Anyone got anything good to share or update? :)


Monday, 13 June 2011

-252 True Friendship

Image by Nutdanai Apikhomboonwaroot
Yesterday I drove a few hours up the coast to visit Crazy Med Student & Blue Smurf to meet their gorgeous two week old creation who shall be called on this blog Hilariously Grumpy Faced Baby until he is no longer a baby an then he may get a new name!

So yesterday was true friendship day. It was looking beyond the words that were being spoken and responding to over a decade of friendship and history in order to understand what was really trying to be communicated. It was knowing who she is and how she has dealt with change up until this point and it was remembering what Bestest Bud needed in the early days of when she has Polly Pocket & Such a Boy. It was buying lunch for the three of us instead of expecting to be fed. It was offering to get her drinks and other items when she was feeding Hilariously Grumpy Faced Baby when it was just the two us as The Blue Smurf had an afternoon shift. It was not planing to stay for more than a few hours if it seemed like she needed to be visitor free but being very aware in the end that she needed me to stay and listen and just be there with her. Not because she couldn't cope on her own but because it was nice to have the company.

And then it was actually listening to her carefully when she told me a story for the second time that day and responding to what she really was saying or wanting to say. I got teary for her and we cried together. And then we laughed and ate some more chocolate. ;)

As I drove home much later than I planned to last night ( in the rain *sigh* I really dislike driving in the rain ) I thanked God with all my heart for the friendship that I do have with Crazy Med Student, The Princess & Bestest Bud because they are truly life long friendships that overcome crazy holiday tension, distance, different relationship statuses and temporary frustrations with each other because when we really need each other it's very obvious that we have each other's back.

Sometimes I just think Bestest Bud & The Princess need reminding of this but I think that's more to do with their leaning towards being more introverted, private personalities than Crazy Med Student and I are. We both seem to share when we are in pain. Somewhat reluctantly due to the perfectionism streak that runs strong in both of us...actually in all four of us...but Bestest Bud & The Princess tend to internalise and retreat when they are in pain. Frustrating creatures ! Lol!

But anyway yesterday even in the midst of all of this I was able to hint at the fact I go to the three of them for my encouragement as pseudo husbands and debunk the myth that I have people trying to set me up with single guys all the time. She has someone in mind and has solid plans for me to meet him when I'm up there next time ! Hurrah !

And I am totally in love with Hilariously Grumpy Faced Baby he is gorgeous and has this fabulous grumpy look on his face pretty much all the time. I like him :)


Monday, 6 June 2011

-253 "GUTS!!!"

I was so excited when I learned that my childhood hero had finally been given life as a movie character. A bit apprehensive that "they" would Hollywood-ize her but glad that she had been given the screen time she so duely deserved.

She was my friend when I was six, seven and eight. I think I borrowed Ramona the Pest from the school and local libraries a ridiculous amount of times before my parents got the hint and started buying the series for me. I loved Ramona. I think she was my first girl crush. Lol.

So this weekend while the Ninjas with their Migraine Sticks (that were larger than usual) hovered and gave me a smackdown - I burrowed down on the lounge and watched Ramona and Beezus. With a big fat grin on my face. What a great movie ! The screenwriters must be around my age and must have loved Ramona too because the care they took to weave in storylines from various books into the one movie was very well done. They didn't make Ramona all ADHD-ish or "Oh shucks isn't she naughty". She was Ramona in all her Ramona-ness. :)

So five ( only five! ) things I loved about Ramona & Beezus

1. I love that Ramona is herself. She is quirky and creative and honest. She loves with her whole heart and she's not afraid to say what she thinks. Including bad words "GUTS!"

2. Mrs Meecham's Mute Button for her class "I am pressing the mute button on you right now" Oh how I LOVE that ! If I ever start teaching back on class again and stop having other teacher's watching me teach I am using that mute button. I used to have the "The number you have dialed is not connected. Please try again later" reply to kids that were calling my name over and over and over and over and over again. But mute is soooo much better ;)

3. She reminds me in looks and her personality of Polly Pocket. I am planning to have her over for a girly afternoon tea in the holidays and we shall watch this movie. I've already given her Beezus and Ramona ( the book ) but I know she will love this movie !

4. Ramona's boing-ing of Susan's curls. "You've been doing that since Kindergarten, it's getting old Ramona" Susan. Love it!

5. I think I caught a glimpse of her red gumboots at the end of the movie. I want red gumboots ;)

Were you a fan of Ramona Quimby ? Or did you have another childhood hero ?


Saturday, 4 June 2011

-254 A Daily Reminder

Photo by Miss365
I bought these letters and frame at the Easter Show earlier in April and have only just put them up. I decided to put it on the back of my front door so that every time I leave my flat I am reminded that I still have to keep my hope.

The Ninjas with their Migraine sticks have been stealthily stalking me this week and have made their presence known today. Thankfully it has just meant that I slept for about 15 hours straight so far, my head has felt like rubbish all day and I haven't wanted to socialise....oh and the insane need to eat carbs from Wednesday night to Friday night *sigh*...but other than that I've had no other horridness so I'm ok. :)

I was invited to join another Christian meet up group by someone who was somewhat annoyed by the other one. As I suspected the organiser of the Harbour Cruise one seems to get kick backs from the venues she books with *sigh*. But this other one seems genuine.

With regards to The Faith Files. Please email me if you would like me to put you on the list ( either publicly or privately ).  I would really love to pray for you :)



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