A (somewhat) honest look at what it's like to be a single, Christian woman in her mid 30s in Sydney who wants to remain true to the life that God has planned for her but doesn't want to let go of her dream of being in a relationship again and eventually being a wife and mother

Saturday, 30 April 2011

-262 My name is Miss365 and I am single

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Pride swallowed for the first time tonight regarding being possibly "set up" and it wasn't as painful and didn't choke me as I thought it would. 

Yup - I swallowed my pride and after ended up at The Crew's place tonight ( The Princess wasn't well so we are dinner-ing next Saturday night ) I expressed to Bestest Bud, Bonsai Master and my friend from camp that came over for dinner that I needed to be kept in mind when they were doing things with groups of friends or knew guys around my age - or younger - that were single.  It was more pride swallowing for my camp friend rather than Bestest Bud or Bonsai Master because they both acknowledge that who they know I generally know as well. But I did it. And I didn't die. ;)

Although I did learn something tonight, that perhaps I had rolled my eyes without explaining myself one too many times to Bonsai Master when he had previously told me about a single guy who was "Christian, single and about your age" as the only prerequisites for setting me up, in theory, with someone he had come in contact with. When he mentioned someone he knew and he started along the perhaps route I looked at him and he said "Oh maybe not for you....(must've seen my face fall )....or then maybe perhaps for you then". So I have to wonder if I have a long time ago set myself up too much as Miss-Independent-I-can-find-my-own-man-thank-you-very-much. 

So next week I will mention this to The Princess & The American Boy and in a few weeks time another couple who should have a vast amount of access to singles ( both male & female ) that have social lives - hopefully anyway!

Pride swallowed and hopefully something new will come :)


Thursday, 28 April 2011

-263 An Engagement

Photo credited in a previous post
Rock on Bro & His Better Half got engaged today !

Hurrah ! Congratulations !

That was the happy news. 

In not so encouraging news I just happened to be at Marvelous Mum & Devoted Dad's place when they called ( they are away together at the moment ) I unfortunately was there to hear the thing that made me both shake my head and made me feel down at the same time. 

Devoted Dad is fairly hard of hearing so when my Grandmother called to offer her congratulations to my parents he had her on speaker so I was able to hear her go through the rest of the grandchildren that were yet to be engaged or in a long term relationship. 

Hmmm. Do you think that I was mentioned at all in her list ? And she got all the way down to my 13 year old cousin. *sigh* Have I become the "Christian Nun"? Or worse still the "I wonder if she is really in the closest?" grandaughter? *big huge sigh*


And while I am laughing at being left off the list I wasn't laughing ten minutes later when one of Devoted Dad's sisters - one of my many Aunts - ready ( capitals on purpose )


I think not. 

Anyway with Rock on Bro & His Better Half not getting hitched until 2013 I may just beat them to the altar yet. 

Well a gal's gotta have something to hold onto - lol ! 


Tuesday, 26 April 2011

-264 Hi ho

Photo credited previously
...hi ho. It's off to work I go. 

Yep. Holidays are over and it's back to work tomorrow. No kids as it's a Staff Development Day but I get to start at my new school. I have to be their "early" at 8.30am which means - Oh no! I shall have to leave at around 8.10am to be sure to get there on time ! 

Lol !

Last Term I had meetings to get to at 8.30am, 24km away. I left at 7am. I was still late. 

My coffee will still be hot by the time I get to work. What a concept !

Thank you God for this new job! Please make it stay for a while ! :)


-265 On my own

Photo by Winnod
My feet and legs hurt. 

Why ? You might ask ? 

I walked for about 5 hours straight and had a great time. 

So this morning I woke up and decided to go to the Easter Show today. No matter that I had no one to go with. I decided to go on my own and while I can't say I had a fabulous time I did have a nice time wandering around and looking at everything I wanted to look at. It was a very selfish visit to the Easter Show. Weird. The only thing I didn't particularly like doing solo was staying around for the Rodeo or any of the Arena shows or the fireworks - and you know how much I love fireworks! - it was boring sitting there on my own. So I bailed and went home. 

But I had a great day. I came home with a candle that smells like Creme Brulee, Sugar Cookies and Carrot Cake...mmmm :)


Sunday, 24 April 2011

-266 Rain rain go away? Or God's up to something good :)

Remember this post  in January ? So that creek was just behind a showground called Queens Park in Toowoomba, Queensland that flooded quite badly. Every Easter there is a Christian music festival held there called Easterfest and the clip above was actually taken from their offices ( I'm pretty sure - don't quote me on this! ) 

Anyway, many people wondered if Easterfest would go on this year since Toowoomba is a fairly largely populated inland town it was all but certain that the town would be up on it's feet enough to support the extra 30 000 or so extra bodies/smelly campers that descend on the town for the long weekend. The festival is held over three days and all on site camping passes sold out before the festival started and the only way you could see the bands etc was to get day passes which requires wristbands - as you do. But since the town is still getting back on it's feet I heard that the organisiers were encouraging everyone to get offsite in between bands during the day and "give back to the town". Which going by past events I'm sure they would in droves. Toowoomba was about to receive a fast food/supermarket/coffee/slurpee boost ;)

Unfortunately I was unable to get up there this year, I always think about it but since my friend's camping/music festival days are put on hold for the time being I chose to follow via Facebook & Twitter. Leading up to bands like Switchfoot and Paul Colman Trio ( they reunited!!!!) playing Easterfest were announcing how the weather reports were saying that it was going to be mostly fine, maybe some showers etc. 

This is what happened last night ( Saturday ) 

Oh no! You might say. And well, yes there were probably a lot  of "Oh no!'s" by campers as everyone was evaculated and a lot of tents, sleeping gear and other stuff was flooded and saturated. No one slept on site last night and local Churches and halls houses everyone who camped. A massive task I might add!

So is Easterfest cancelled ?

No no no ! :) Well sort of.....Switchfoot didn't get to play and they are now on their way to Perth and a few other bands didn't make their way up....but.....

It's now in the streets of Toowoomba :) How cool is that?! God obviously thought that the people of Toowoomba needed some good old Aussie - and non Aussie - Christian music and there are coffee shops and stages being set up all over town! Talk about street evangelising on Resurrection Sunday :)

And apparently it's a beautiful sunny day in Toowoomba today. Go figure !

I'll leave you with a song created by the Mainstage Collective that was written & produced by the Aussie mainstage acts to raise money to support Toowoomba. I love this song. Mostly because I'm pretty sure it started with Compliments of Gus - love - but it's also got PC3, Scat & more. And it's created via about 3 or 4 different states in Australia and countries.  But it also reminds me of my time in Queensland earlier this year as I think I listened to it on repeat all the way home on the plane.  Enjoy :)

Saturday, 23 April 2011

-267 Facebook makes me lonely

Miss365's iphone
Reading Facebook check ins on a Friday or Saturday night is starting to make me really quite lonely. The trend of not only announcing to the world all your friends that you are at some exciting and fun place other than home ( and some of my friends actually check in at home and make that sound exciting ie. Miss M is at Miss M's Spa and Poolside lounge  ) but with someone is *sigh*worthy to us bored at home singles. :P

And I'm not Miss Innocent when it comes to checking in either. I love to check in when I'm doing something fun. Particularly when I'm with someone - and no not on a date - sheesh! - I would tell you if I had one of those!

But when you've been hanging out with The Ninjas with Migraine sticks and Flu nun-chucks all week it makes Miss365 more lonely than ever to read how everyone is enjoying their extra long Easter long weekend out and about with people. *sigh* I'm not jealous and I'm perfectly aware that I could ring people to see what they are doing but I suspect those who are coupled up are out and those who are familied up are at home getting the kids ready for bed and not really doing very much at all really. I really need to work on this. 

This is one of the sucky things about being single and mid thirties and living alone. My social life is really quite annoying it's either a flood or a drought. And it's also making me seriously wonder how much more of this I can stand and what I can do about changing this. The singles harbour cruise did not live up to expectation and that Meet Up group was a fizzer so back to the drawing board ( so to speak ). What next ? Any suggestions ? 

Edit : Ok so I just got a text from Bestest Bud wondering if I was free next Saturday night ( I'm not The Princess booked me for dinner about a month ago - see! Flood or drought!) because she's catching up with a mutual friend of ours that we both do camp with. I am selfishly slightly irritated because I sometimes feel like this invites are second hand and I'm like the afterthought. And I know I'm not and it's just a consequence of the three of us ( me, Bestest Bud & Bonsai Master) being thought of as a symbiotic entity that still does everything together but it still makes me sigh. Thank you to The Princess for inviting me out separate to The Crew. I need that once in a while :) 


Thursday, 21 April 2011

-268 Oh ! ShanWOW!

So I faceiciously suggested to the insanely funny yet slightly unhinged Shannon of Shanimal's Crackers to create her own award with her own rules. And if you haven't checked out her blog you really need to. She's hilarious particularly before you drink your coffee in the morning ( actually just as hilarious after too ) ;)

As she said to me - be careful what you wish for - or suggest ;)  

So drumroll please I have been bestowed the honour of the ShanWOW Award ! Hurrah !!!

RULES:-Tell us your five most-played songs from your iTunes.
-Make a wish.
-Say the magic word. (For those of you who don't know, it's "Shidobee.")
-Did your wish come true? No? Then you're not saying it with enough emotion. Try again. This time, try yelling shidobee at the next thing that moves. It'll scare the crap out of it.
-Still no? Dang. Oh, well. It's a good thing you have this crappy (I mean this literally and figuratively, because, hey, if you did the above instructions then it really made someone shidobee) award to fall back on. Thank me later.

I changed my mind. I give this ShanWOW award to everyone who reads skims this post. That means you. And YOU. Hey, that old man standing behind you who's sneaking a look over your shoulder at your computer screen? Yep, this one's for him too.

So here goes....lol 
My five most played songs on itunes are;

Wedding Dress - Matt Nathanson

Brand New Day - Joshua Radin

As much as I ever could - City and Colour

  Bus Stop - Basement Birds

& a dead tie between 5th place.....

Paul Colman Trio ( or aka PC3 ) Dip  &

Katie Noonan when she was still with George - Special Ones

Now for the rest. The Cat Empire is not pleased with the yelling of Shidobee. He almost fell off the back of the chair behind me. And - Ouch. I didn't remember making a wish of being poked at by a claw of discontent. :P

So c'mon - who's next ? I really would like to see this Award circulating the blogs ;)


Tuesday, 19 April 2011

-269 Ninjas followed me home

I have some great things I want to share about camp but alas those sneaky Ninjas followed me home and I'm waiting them out until I make sense again. It's all good, I'm still on holidays so it's giving me an excuse to snuggle down in my high thread count sheets & doona cover & smooshy pillows. Love :)

xMiss365 & the sneaky Ninjas with their silent migraine sticks ;)

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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

-270 One of my favourite times of the year

I'm leading at a camp this week that is the most amazing blessing in every way imaginable. It's only the end of Day 1 and I have been stretched and pulled out of my comfort zone time and time again but the joy these campers bring puts everything into perpective. I look forward to this week all year and even though I am sitting here typing exhausted I am already looking forward to tomorrow. :)


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Saturday, 9 April 2011

-271 Things I learned on a singles cruise

Wedge heels are pretty but there are days when your feet hurt without warning. Today was one of those days. New shoes were going to be required. Luckily I had time to spare and I knew just where to get some cheap flats.
Market City. Downstairs cheap and cheerful markets. Upstairs factory outlets.
New super cheap flats purchased.
And a super super hot hat perfect for being memorable and also good for sun protection out on the Harbour. It was a beautifully warm Autumn day today ! 
So on the way down to the wharf I was hopeful that I would meet some other Christians that had the potential to become social acquaintances and possibly friends ( and yes maybe I was hoping to spy a cute male or two !)
 While on the Harbour Cruising this is what I learned today :
  • I blabber a bit too much when I am nervous.
  • The food was not worth $60 and I ate about $5 worth of food and drank a $2 diet coke. 
  • I don't particularly love standard small talk questions and don't really love the way I answer them. 
  • I need to become better prepared with small talk answers. 
  • I need to have an answer for what are my pastimes other than making excuses for why I don't seem to have any. Which is rubbish because I do lots of things to pass the time. Just not things that sound appealing...."Oh I procrastinate a lot, I stare at the washing up and then avoid it, I blog, I check facebook, I watch DVDs I've seen a lot because they are comfortable, I sleep and avoid Ninjas wielding Migraine sticks...lol. Yup. Need to come up with good answers. Lol.
  • The best looking guy was not the most interesting.
  • The geeky, Science guy was the most interesting. 
  • The guys all gravitated towards the small boned, blonde hostess even though she wasn't all that great of a conversationalist. 
  • The brunette Catholic girl was the best conversationalist but lost the guys attention when she said that she was doing Lent at the moment. 
  • I won't be going on another one. Or it's very doubtful....because....
  • It wasn't really a group for Christian singles...it was a bunch of different singles groups invited and mashed together. *sigh* I have no idea who was Christian and who wasn't. 
  • The view was great !
  • As the day went on I got a lot more comfortable. 
  • And I learned that I need to work on small talk...did I say that already ;)
So I needed a mint skim Grande iced cafe mocha from Starbucks on the way back to catch the train back to my car. I found out I had missed out on the Dark Cherry Mochas by only a week. *sigh* 

Even though it wasn't what I was looking for today I did take a step out to do something different. I took a chance and stepped out of my comfort zone. Who knows what I'll do next? 


Friday, 8 April 2011

-272 Baby let's cruise

By Miss365
So tomorrow I am going on my first ever Singles event. Eeek ! It's a lunchtime Easter Harbour Cruise around Sydney Harbour and a group of Christians on a Meet-up site have booked a table of 8 girls and 8 guys from ages 25-39. 

And I go between wanting to go and not really wanting to go. 

There are some days I wake up on the side of being an extrovert. Happy to chat to new people and making sense. And then there are those days ( usually ones where a Ninja holding a Migraine stick is following me around. Lol! ) where I am hovering on the introvert side and I can't really be bothered to talk to new people and I kind of observe and shut down. 

I hope I wake up Ninja free tomorrow. 

I bought a new dress. I have cute shoes. My Uni assessment got uploaded 3 hours earlier than cut off time ( a miracle of Moses proportions! ) so I believe I am meant to go. 

I am not really thinking I am going to meet a man. But I am hoping that I will connect a bit with these girls and get a bit more a social life going on since everyone else is home bound on the weekends lately. Give me an alternative :)

Shall let you know how I get on :)


Sunday, 3 April 2011

-273 All good things come to those who pray

Firstly, I kept you all waiting to hear my news. So sorry ! I was waiting for a few official things to be put into place in my real life and strangely I didn't want to jeopodise it by writing about it on here - even though I'm supposed to be incognito-like -with my Secret Identity! Lol ;)

A little recap....

So as far back as post -356 Thank God for Wii Boxing  & -355 Photo Montage I expressed that I was having difficulties at work. Basically my professional, personal and Church life were all mixed up together for years and until the past 12 months that didn't prove to be much of an issue. Until my relationship between myself and one particular person didn't so much as change rather I woke up to the fact it wasn't healthy nor did was it something that was enabling me to grow in any of those three areas of my life. Being the incredibly loyal person that I am - think Golden Retriever and you've got a good description! Lol !- I stuck it out until God pretty much told me enough was enough. Now I cannot say that I handled everything with 100% perfect emotional integrity nor can I say that I communicated my feelings to that particular person all the time and about everything ( history told me it was better not to ) but I did my best to stay accountable to God and to a select few people about what I was going through. When I did feel the overwhelming need to 'vent' or talk I tried to talk about events or how I was feeling about certain realisations rather than slamming that particular person. I listened to God's voice and stepped down from certain parts of my life that I loved and not only gave me purpose but a social outlet because it gave a distance between my personal and professional life. And I did what I could to preserve my friendship with those directly effected and caught in the middle.

So many times I have questioned myself over my integrity and had I gone too far in speaking to people ? Had I been too emotional ? Could I have done more to "fix the situation" ? Was I just being a plain old drama queen ? And was the medication making my reactions to this ongoing issue ( this had been going on for years ) worse ?  But it was the wise words of amazing people such as She Who Sparkles and some other amazing people ( some in Cast of Thousands some not mentioned yet ) that I realised that I was being too hard on myself and I needed to give myself a break.

Even since the beginning of this year I've given this person opportunity to start the year with me with a clean slate. To not have the misunderstandings of the past cloud the new year. And through more different understandings about what is right and appropriate my trust that I gave was once again lost.

Sounds bleak right ?

No, just another opportunity for God to show me that new things awaited me and it was ok to go. And that He had a path for me and I just needed a little nudge to get on it.

I've been applying for promotional positions and about 6 weeks ago didn't get the one that I was seeking but was offered a sideways step position. Although it was close to home I wavered, prayed about it and declined the offer. In the interim I may have felt a twinge of regret when things went a little askew in a the past few weeks again but I didn't feel convicted. Strangely enough despite still being frustrated I felt at peace. A couple of weeks ago I applied for two more promotional positions and after a flurry of "drama" on a partiular day I said to Marvelous Mum & Dependable Dad on the phone that if I didn't get these jobs and they by some miracle had that other job still open and offered it to me, I would take it.

Moral - be careful what you say out loud because God will hear you and green light His plans ! Lol !

That afternoon I got a call informing me that I didn't get the promotional jobs but they were offering me again the similar job as they offered previous. However this time they had added a few incentives and extra "non financial cherries on top" because they were impressed by my potential.

Of course I said "YES!"

*Happy Dance* began immediately!

Now technically this job is only offered for the next 12 weeks ( all jobs at the moment are ) but could be extended and made permanent. Praying it will be extended but if not at least they will have had an opportunity to get to know me and I won't just be a name on a piece of paper the next time I apply for a job in that part of town. :)

So much to do before I start but I honestly feel that God has restored ( in part ) what I have lost. And He has plans in the works for the rest.

I'm excited. :)



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