A (somewhat) honest look at what it's like to be a single, Christian woman in her mid 30s in Sydney who wants to remain true to the life that God has planned for her but doesn't want to let go of her dream of being in a relationship again and eventually being a wife and mother

Cast of Thousands

  • Miss365 - Me,  36, single, lives in Sydney, writer of this blog, finding her long forgotten writing voice again
  • The Cat Empire - slightly insane cat of Miss365, thinks he is part dog, part human, gets depressed when he looks in the mirror and realises he is indeed a cat. Is the pet ( not baby or child ) of Miss365. 
  • Marvelous Mum - Miss 365's Marvelous Mum. 'Nuff said ;) 
  • Devoted Dad - Miss 365's wonderful, dependable Dad. Still praying for his salvation. 
  • Rock on Bro - Younger brother, also not a Christian. 
  • His better half - Rock on Bro's girlfriend of almost 3 years, almost fiance
  • Bestest Bud ( The Crew's Mum )- close friend of nearly 12 years, have never had a bestest girl bud before, her Mum prayed for a friend & it turned out to be me, had heaps of fun doing random stuff for a couple of years before she met Bonsai Master, wise & everyone wants to be her friend, naughty but most people don't get to see that, amazing Mum to Polly Pocket & Such a Boy 
  • Bonsai Master ( The Crew's Dad ) - close friend and husband of Bestest Bud, he brought out the rainbow in Bestest Bud when they met (and still does), best knowledge of the Bible and his understanding of prayer humbles me, his fathering skills make me laugh sometimes but is the best Dad to Polly Pocket ( The Crew's daughter ) and Such a Boy ( The Crew's Son )
  • The Princess - close friend of a decade ( along with Crazy Med Student and Bestest Bud ) gets Miss365 off the crazy train, recently married to American Boy, amazingly fun & brave and teaches me by how she deals with her life what real faith in God lives like, not a 'Princess' in a spoiled way at all just a lot more refined that I am ( unless it comes to being competitive anyway! ) ;)
  • American Boy - Husband of The Princess, quiet but comes out with the best zingers ever, still waters and all that, Miss365 loves the way he pursued The Princess and didn't take no for an answer without being a crazy stalker ;)
  • The Crazy Med Student - close friend of a decade ( along with The Princess & Bestest Bud ), genius, amazingly funny and generous, I love her honesty, the crazy situations she gets herself into but most of all how she demonstrates God's love by reaching out to those around her. She overflows joy. 
  • The Blue Smurf - Husband of The Crazy Med Student, I love the way he looks at her when she is not looking, he supports her in her craziness but brings her back to earth when she not only gets on the crazy train but puts a flux capacitor on it ;), nicknamed Blue Smurf in honour of the blue coveralls that NSW Paramedics are forced to wear. Not appealing at all :(
  • The Real Ex/The Non Bachelor- The ex boyfriend, high school sweetheart of Miss365, 9 1/2 year relationship, recently separated from his wife, recently reacquainted himself with God. Gives Miss365 honest, blunt but seriously encouraging and needed dating advice.
  • Miss Chicago - one of last remaining unmarried friends of Miss365, currently living overseas, a good 8 years Miss 365's junior, could rival Katherine Heigel for number of Bridesmaid's dresses worn, in possession of the best laugh ever! 
  • She Who Sparkles - friend at Church, sing with on the worship team, amazing woman of God, fun, sparkles, real and Miss365 is loving getting to know her. Has a great writing voice. Pity I can't share her blog. :( 
  • The Ninjas - I get silent migraines. I call them The Ninjas who have Silent Migraine sticks. They follow me around sneakily and sometimes I don't know they are there until I'm in bed and crashing. Usually when the weather changes or I've pushed it too hard is when they strike. 
  • Bachelor #4 - Met on Christian Dating Site That Shall Not Be Named, have music & travelling in common, lives in a different state, have been emailing since early December 2010. So far normal. Now Facebook friends and that's about it.
  • Bachelor #1 - Christian dating site, emailed & IMed for 2 months, no face to face contact, never gave him my surname. Lived in another state.  
  • The Guy I Used To DIG - first guy I had a massive crush on after break up with The Real Ex, ended up forming a very close friendship that was almost like having a boyfriend but with zero benefits, found out at the end of the insanity that he felt connected to me but not attracted to me, however he was my first Christian guy crush and I kinda miss how effortlessly close we were, just not the drama of not being liked in the same way back ;)
  •  Divorcing Dad - met Miss365 on an online dating site, was only separated from his wife (lesson learned), nice guy but despite only offers of friendship ever made he never made contact again with Miss365 after having dinner with her spontaneously one night.


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