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Saturday, 25 June 2011

-250 Sorry for MIAness

I really don't know where this week went. And I haven't been pondering my singlenss too hard. Nor have I any Bachelorness to report.

The only thing of interest I did this week was go and see Joshua Radin on Tuesday night which was awesome - 90% of the audience was female - of course and I think I've been trying to catch up on sleep since. ;)

Today I went and visited a couple of friends and their newly minted baby of only a week old. Yet another boy. He doesn't have a hilariously grumpy face but despite this flaw he is gorgeous. Lol.

It's 9.00pm on a Saturday night and I am so tired I am contemplating quite seriously going to bed now.

Perhaps I am coming down with something.

Sigh. That will be fun for my holidays...only 5 more work days and then 2 weeks of glorious sleep ins!


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  1. I am sure you will enjoy your time off!! And don't feel too bad about wanting to go to bed at 9 on the weekend--I did the same thing!



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