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Monday, 13 June 2011

-252 True Friendship

Image by Nutdanai Apikhomboonwaroot
Yesterday I drove a few hours up the coast to visit Crazy Med Student & Blue Smurf to meet their gorgeous two week old creation who shall be called on this blog Hilariously Grumpy Faced Baby until he is no longer a baby an then he may get a new name!

So yesterday was true friendship day. It was looking beyond the words that were being spoken and responding to over a decade of friendship and history in order to understand what was really trying to be communicated. It was knowing who she is and how she has dealt with change up until this point and it was remembering what Bestest Bud needed in the early days of when she has Polly Pocket & Such a Boy. It was buying lunch for the three of us instead of expecting to be fed. It was offering to get her drinks and other items when she was feeding Hilariously Grumpy Faced Baby when it was just the two us as The Blue Smurf had an afternoon shift. It was not planing to stay for more than a few hours if it seemed like she needed to be visitor free but being very aware in the end that she needed me to stay and listen and just be there with her. Not because she couldn't cope on her own but because it was nice to have the company.

And then it was actually listening to her carefully when she told me a story for the second time that day and responding to what she really was saying or wanting to say. I got teary for her and we cried together. And then we laughed and ate some more chocolate. ;)

As I drove home much later than I planned to last night ( in the rain *sigh* I really dislike driving in the rain ) I thanked God with all my heart for the friendship that I do have with Crazy Med Student, The Princess & Bestest Bud because they are truly life long friendships that overcome crazy holiday tension, distance, different relationship statuses and temporary frustrations with each other because when we really need each other it's very obvious that we have each other's back.

Sometimes I just think Bestest Bud & The Princess need reminding of this but I think that's more to do with their leaning towards being more introverted, private personalities than Crazy Med Student and I are. We both seem to share when we are in pain. Somewhat reluctantly due to the perfectionism streak that runs strong in both of us...actually in all four of us...but Bestest Bud & The Princess tend to internalise and retreat when they are in pain. Frustrating creatures ! Lol!

But anyway yesterday even in the midst of all of this I was able to hint at the fact I go to the three of them for my encouragement as pseudo husbands and debunk the myth that I have people trying to set me up with single guys all the time. She has someone in mind and has solid plans for me to meet him when I'm up there next time ! Hurrah !

And I am totally in love with Hilariously Grumpy Faced Baby he is gorgeous and has this fabulous grumpy look on his face pretty much all the time. I like him :)



  1. sweetie, what a wonderful post about true friendship! I have a friend like this too, they are hard to find and such a blessing to have...lovely tribute to
    your friendship today!

  2. Stopping in from Comment Love Day! Sweet post...true friends are hard to come by. I love the idea behind your blog. Mr. Right is out there and I think you are going about finding him in all the right ways. God knows the desires of your heart.
    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  3. I am so glad (and I am sure that Crazy Med Student and Blue Smurf are also) that you got to spend time with them. I'm sure the blessing flowed both ways. :)

  4. @Michelle - I know it did. And I loved being able to go up and spend time with Crazy Med Student without her racing off the the next thing or being torn between a million other people who love her. Sounds a bit selfish but it was so nice to just relax with her. And did I say that I love Hilariously Grumpy Faced Baby? ;)

  5. Great friends are hard to find. My best friend lives two states away and it sucks. I wish I could see her more, but I'm glad you were able to visit with yours.

  6. @ Hey Shannon. Two states away? :'(

    It was sad enough when The Princess was in Hong Kong for 12 months. But at least Crazy Med Student, The Blue Smurf & I got to go over and holiday with her. Good excuse to go traveling. Miss Chicago has been away for almost 2 years now and again she is my excuse to travel. I would be sad if I didn't have the income to do it though.

  7. Have I mentioned I just LOVE your use of varied and funtastic names for people in your life!!!! It is such pure genius. This post is as well. Lovely writing about true friendship. It is beautiful to behold in its gritty and yet true to life details as you have shared so astutely.

    BTW, I accidentally deleted my old blogger domain and messed up all my posting links in an attempt to change things up...fun stuff, right? So if you care to, I'd love for you to update my blog address and find me there. BTW I loved your comment on my last post and the comments all got saved and archived so I can still read them even though no one else can :(( but that is better than nothing. Anyhoodle new name is:


    xxoo Jeanine

  8. You're so fortunate to be blessed with genuine friends who you can count on and who have remained by your side through thick and thin over the years! I can't wait for the day when I can write such a heart-warming post about the ones God will bless me with in the near future!



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