A (somewhat) honest look at what it's like to be a single, Christian woman in her mid 30s in Sydney who wants to remain true to the life that God has planned for her but doesn't want to let go of her dream of being in a relationship again and eventually being a wife and mother

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

-249 Well....beep....you!!!!

Breathe....it's ok....that isn't aimed at you. Nor did it come out of my mouth.

But I did unfortunately hear it from two different girls last night coming home from work on the train and then walking home and both apparently were talking to their boyfriends/husbands or "Babes" as they so loudly declared as they picked up before the expletives were exchanged.

Now in both instances I was not interested in what the problem in the relationship was that day but I kid you not both of these young women ended their phone calls with the words "Well *%#$ you!" and then they hung up as loudly as their mobile phones could.

Don't you just miss the days where you could slam down the handset of the phone with emphasis?! Lol!

Anyway, as I unlocked the door to my single person abode last night I did start to wonder if all that relationship angst is going to be worth it. Am I going to be able to give up the the flat that I am decorating to my taste ? Cooking or not cooking dinner each night to the demand of my tastebuds ? Reading until all hours and falling asleep while the bedside light is burning brightly and not disturbing anyone ? Not having to negotiate life with and being tempted to end phone calls with an expletive...ok perhaps not....ok maybe a milder version of one and then a fustrated hang up of my mobile phone.

Crumbs. Am I becoming "set in my ways?" And preferring to be single because I like it ?

Oh dear. I'm going to bed. I don't like where this is heading. ;)


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  1. As a happily married (for 22 years) woman, I can quite openly say that my love language is quality time - on my own! (Not always, but half the time...).

    As for becoming "set in my ways", all relationships (and especially marriage) need compromise from both parties. Otherwise it's not a relationship. As long as you both agree on the important details (like money, kids and how to discipline, what you see yourselves doing, etc), then the little things don't matter as much (what color to paint the walls).



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