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Monday, 6 June 2011

-253 "GUTS!!!"

I was so excited when I learned that my childhood hero had finally been given life as a movie character. A bit apprehensive that "they" would Hollywood-ize her but glad that she had been given the screen time she so duely deserved.

She was my friend when I was six, seven and eight. I think I borrowed Ramona the Pest from the school and local libraries a ridiculous amount of times before my parents got the hint and started buying the series for me. I loved Ramona. I think she was my first girl crush. Lol.

So this weekend while the Ninjas with their Migraine Sticks (that were larger than usual) hovered and gave me a smackdown - I burrowed down on the lounge and watched Ramona and Beezus. With a big fat grin on my face. What a great movie ! The screenwriters must be around my age and must have loved Ramona too because the care they took to weave in storylines from various books into the one movie was very well done. They didn't make Ramona all ADHD-ish or "Oh shucks isn't she naughty". She was Ramona in all her Ramona-ness. :)

So five ( only five! ) things I loved about Ramona & Beezus

1. I love that Ramona is herself. She is quirky and creative and honest. She loves with her whole heart and she's not afraid to say what she thinks. Including bad words "GUTS!"

2. Mrs Meecham's Mute Button for her class "I am pressing the mute button on you right now" Oh how I LOVE that ! If I ever start teaching back on class again and stop having other teacher's watching me teach I am using that mute button. I used to have the "The number you have dialed is not connected. Please try again later" reply to kids that were calling my name over and over and over and over and over again. But mute is soooo much better ;)

3. She reminds me in looks and her personality of Polly Pocket. I am planning to have her over for a girly afternoon tea in the holidays and we shall watch this movie. I've already given her Beezus and Ramona ( the book ) but I know she will love this movie !

4. Ramona's boing-ing of Susan's curls. "You've been doing that since Kindergarten, it's getting old Ramona" Susan. Love it!

5. I think I caught a glimpse of her red gumboots at the end of the movie. I want red gumboots ;)

Were you a fan of Ramona Quimby ? Or did you have another childhood hero ?



  1. No, I've never read any Ramona books, and I haven't seen the movie. Maybe I'll check into reading 'em, though, if you've recommended them.

  2. Shannon - I think you may just like Ramona and I suspect if there was a story written about her now she would write a blog very similar to yours ;)

  3. I read BEEZUS & RAMONA I think like twice? It was a good book and it SO applied to me and my own sister :P

  4. @Jenny - Thanks for stopping by :) I don't have a sister and I could relate to Ramona too. So you were Ramona ? Did you yell bad words too? Lol ! :)



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