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Saturday, 13 August 2011

-241 Last was not the last

The last email was not the last email.

It was just a little slow in coming.

We have picked up the pace since then.

I have discovered I should not read/listen to them when they arrive newly minted in my inbox when I am at work.

I am embarrassed at my smiley lameness.

Yes I am keeping my head and guarding my heart and we are at the very beginning stages of a friendship but at the same time I am choosing this time not to be too guarded. I feel that God is telling me not to be. So I shall listen.

But yes. At the moment. I am like :D

*sigh* I am 36 and acting like I am 16 again.




  1. I'm even worse after today. :D :D

    ( Two smiley faces )


  2. It really is okay to be giddy about a guy. It's fun and exciting so enjoy it. All that school girl uncontrollable smiles aren't there everyday. SO ENJOY :-)

  3. I'm agreeing with everyone. And :D'ing with you!

  4. Simply awesome!

    And there's nothing wrong with acting like you're 16 again! Heck, act like 6 if you want to!!! After all, we could all use a good dose of giddiness!!!

    This is SO exciting!!!!!
    I'll be praying for you!!!



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