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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

-256 A kiddy weekend

For someone who doesn't have kids I sure did have a kid friendly weekend.

And I LOVED it!

So it all kicked off on Saturday morning with a 'Donalds ( McDonalds ) part-ay to celebrate the birthday of Such A Boy. Soooo cute.

Then that night I went with Dependable Dad and Marvelous Mum to see Walking with Dinosaurs Live. I have to admit I got a tear in my eye when the Brachiosaurus came out.( I didn't take the video above because I am a good little rule follower and I didn't want to scare the dinos with my technology - no videoing or flash photography. ) :) Anyway as a kid I adored them, my most favourite dinosuar ever. And the "experience" of "seeing" one was just really amazing. :)

Talking to the paries later about the show I said that I kept thinking every time a new dinosaur came out "Well God, if these creatures really did exist in the way Man really thinks that they did, then "Well done! Fabulous job!Love your work!" ;)

And then on Sunday I spent the afternoon with Bestest Bud & The Princess building a bear for the soon to be arriving child of Crazy Med Student & The Blue Smurf. ( Ok, so yes, there was lunch and coffee and other grown up things involved too! )

So what I really should of done was ended it with a Pixar movie. But alas, it didn't even occur to me at the time ! I had such a busy and fun weekend. Such a fun way to celebrate the relief of the end of my studies....for now anyway ;)



  1. Love those dinos! Wow! That must have been coolest show ever to see...I wonder if they have this kind of show around the states somewhere. Jurassic Park was always such a classic favorite movie...watching the video you posted brought me right back to my early teen years :) heehee

  2. Sounds like a good fun weekend.

  3. @Jeanine - I went with my parents thinking that I would have like to have spent the $100 on a gig. But then left thinking that it was totally worth it. :) They have toured in the US a lot so watch out for it. ;)

    @Michelle - it was :D



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