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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

-259 Knight in a Shining Mid Sized Car

Photo by Dundee Photographics
Perhaps this is why I am single. After 12 years of having to cope with getting myself in similar situations I am able to cope with them on my own now. Perhaps God feels that I'm equipped to get myself out of my own messes that I don't seem to require my own Knight in a Shining Mid Sized Car and this is why I am single :P

Tonight His Better Half apparently somehow backed her car into a tree at her house and Rock on Bro went racing over to her house to rescue her and to help her fix the problem. He dropped everything ( making his lunch to get up for work at 4am the next morning - it was about 8pm at this point ) to go and rescue her driving over there with his trusty steed mid sized car. ;)

Now just for a bit of compare and contrast I was driving into a work driveway this morning and almost got totalled by a Mother in a BMW reversing at full speed - how she did not see my bright shiny car I have no idea! But lets just say she did ram me - my heightened understanding of nearly all parents outside schools in the morning are rather poor drivers saved me - it would have been me dealing with calling my insurance angency and organising for it to be fixed. And then perhaps letting people know by having some rant on facebook. :P

Ahh the differences between being Single and in your 30s and being In your 20s and engaged. ;)



  1. Yes, life experience does come in handy at times :)

  2. Yup. :) I don't know whether the future Mr365 is going to be pleased that I can organise these things myself or be put out and feel obsolete. I really hope it's the former.

    Although at the moment I could really use a Mr365 to turn off the taps in my shower hard enough so that they stop dripping all the time. Lol.

    Add that to my "list" - Strong hands that can turn things off and can open things that I cannot.




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