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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

-356 Thank God for Wii Boxing

Photo by xedos4
Yes. Thank God for Wii Boxing. And I don't mean that irreverently. I am thankful. 

Living on my own and after coming home angry ( yes angry ) after something that I had not been able to shake off  despite praying and talking to God pretty much non stop on the drive home I turned to my Wii to offload some of that pent up emotional energy. Since I am unable ( due to the confidential and private nature of what made me angry in the first place ) to call a friend and talk about it or just process it by communicating with someone I had to work out a way to move past the immediate feeling without it ruining the rest of the evening ahead ( a night out celebrating Christmas - yep I know ! November ! - with some of the ladies at Church ). I made a choice not to comfort eat or have a nap but to switch on the Wii Active and do 30mins of boxing. 

I am now calm and although the problem hasn't gone away and if my mind strays towards what made me angry in the first place the emotions bubble to the surface again, I am better equipped to stop these thoughts in their tracks by purposely praying for the situation and for this person (even though that is still hard at the moment ). 

So this has me thinking. Will this change when I get married ? Will the temptation to just process my emotions verbally be my go-to deal just because there will be someone to bounce this off even if he doesn't necessarily want to listen he will have a ring on his left hand so he will be obligated to at least nod once in a while - right? ;)

For those of you that live alone like me, what do you do when you come home from work or have a testing situation ? Do you immediately turn to friends or family and talk it out ? Do you take yourself to a quiet place that is special just to you ? Do you do a RPM or a Pump class and sweat it out ? Or a combination of all these things ? What's your thing to do when you've prayed and talked to God but the emotions and energy is still hanging around ?



  1. I have never tried Wii Boxing but it sounds like something that would be fun and therapeutic at the same time!

    How you deal with feelings does not change when you get married, in my opinion. I still have to deal with my feelings and not dump them on him just because he is nearby.

  2. Thanks for your comment and stopping by my blog Wendy :)

    Yeah, but there's got to be some days when the big stuff happens, and this was a 'big stuff day' where it's comforting to know that there is someone to talk to about what's going on.

    And yep, Wii boxing rocks. Do it. And you can do it in your pj's if you really want to ;)

  3. That's a tough one...I'm not sure what I'll do when I'm married...I guess try not to dump on him...although I tend to bottle in emotions for a bit which isn't good. Then I might drown my frustrations in triple chocolate anything and watch a movie or try and forget about everything as best I can. Taking a walk is good to clear the mind as well...But your idea of boxing sounds prob most effective!



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