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Monday, 29 November 2010

-357 What is it about a man in uniform?!

Now despite the fact I have heard stories about 000 parties and I have a cousin who is a policeman -  I still have a thing for a man in uniform. Namely firemen and policemen. I have never had much of a thing for Paramedics but since The Crazy Med Student is married to The Blue Smurf (who is a Paramedic) they have definitely gone down the list to number 3. ;)

As I am locking my garage door earlier this evening a police car pulls into the driveway and drives past me. Now yes, perhaps I do look up and perhaps I am slightly pleased I am feeling a little cute today in my new skirt. Meh. I am single. As if you wouldn't!  And there's more. Quit reading now if you get embarrassed by obvious single girl behaviour ;)

So I go upstairs and 'Oh look at that. I have rubbish to be taken out to the bins. And I really do need to get the mail' ( Ok. That last bit is true. The mailboxes are on the other side of the complex and I am inherently lazy and it's been a number of days since my last visit...but I digress...)

Rubbish bags in hand I make my way down the short flight of stairs and as I open the security door who is there but the two cops pressing the buzzer for one of the units in my section of the complex. :)

Miss365 - Smiles ( possibly like a goon )
Policeman A - young, cute " Hello you !"
Policeman B - also young and cute ( Showing me MORE love God?! ) " And we meet again. Thanks for letting us in."  
Miss365 - Continues to smile like a goon "Most of the buzzers don't work. Depends on who you want to see."....pause. A rational thought appears in her head finally. " It's not me is it?" 
Policeman B " Depends. What number do you live in ?" 
Miss365 " ## " 
Policeman B " Then no. Not this time." Smiles like a goon but a cute goon. And stands there. 
Miss365 smiles and starts to make her way to the bins. Still smiling like a goon.
Policeman A " Come on [Insert real name of Policeman B here] let's go."
Policeman B to Miss365 " See ya. Stay out of trouble. Or I'll have to come back."

Hmmm dilemmas. How much trouble would I have to get into ? What would constitute as trouble ? How would I make sure Policeman B would return to make sure that I stayed out of trouble ?

Things to ponder....lol.





  1. Love this story! I quite agree: there is just something about a man in uniform. Yes, please. Maybe that has something to do with my job choice. heehee.

    Love your blog, girl! I can totally relate and like your attitude and approach to it all. Also love your 'cast of characters'- what a nifty idea!, and your 365 reasons...I'm inspired!


  2. Thanks Jeanine :) Well there's only about 8 reasons at the moment, I am aiming for 365 ;)

    x Miss365



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