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Friday, 26 November 2010

-360 Friday nights alright

Photo by Suat Eman
Well fellow 365'ers - we'll get back to how I found God's hand in my unexpected friendship with The Real Ex in the not to distant future. I promise ;)

But here we are on our first Friday night together. Yay! Someone to share it with! 

No it's not that bad really. Until recently I was part of a team that lead a Kids Church in a low socio economic area every Friday night during school terms. For reasons I will never discuss on here I reluctantly stepped down and found myself free on a Friday night for the first time in about 8 years. My closest friends ( both geographically and friendship-wise ) are still involved so Friday nights are just me and the TV. 

Tonight I am :
  • Catching up on reading some blogs I am following
  • Cooking dinner - Chili con carne & salsa, fresh strawberries & diet mousse for dessert ( yep diet city here )
  • Currently watching Better Homes and Gardens and getting inspired for Christmas Eve at my place
  • Waiting to hear if my 92 year old Grandmother has been operated on yet. She fell and broke her wrist at 9pm last night and still hasn't been seen yet despite being incoherent and thrashing about in pain so bad she cannot have a drip in her arm. Prayers would be lovely if you are reading this now. 
  • Also waiting on a phone call from a friend who incorrectly put the date in her phone for my birthday celebration last week and did not show up . We are going to have lunch tomorrow instead. 
  • I am going to catch up on TV shows I have IQed
  • Also going to ignore the washing up and put a load of washing in the washer/dryer. 
  • Go to bed at about 11pm as I have a 9am appointment that I have to be up at about 7.45ish for.
  • I have randomly burst into song at various points during the evening and The Cat Empire has been fed and has been "put to bed" in the spare room as he was running around like a mad thing ( I thought the TV was going to be knocked over!)
And there is my night. Not particularly amazing. Oh and I adore my new lounge! Love love love love !!!!!! Worth staying at home for !



  1. Oh no! Single in Australia too! Thanks for stopping by my little blog. :)

    It's summer down there! Shoot. It's been cold in Los Angeles.

  2. Yep single in Australia too ! It's catching ;)

    Coming into summer after a non Spring and lots of rain. Cold in LA ?! My world is tilting - what's going on?!

    Love your blog :)



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