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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

-355 Photo montage

Yesterday's work issue has spilled over to today (let's be real, this work issue has been going on for four years. I'm just out of denial in the past few months.) again as I am about to leave work 'What's up with that?!' I'm still too wound up to be thoughtful or share 'I'm afraid that I'll share too much so it's better if I keep my words under lock and key today. I am praying and seeking God for wisdom and peace.I'm doing ok, just need to breathe.'

Inspired or shamelessly taken ( however you wish to put it - lol !) from Jeanine's blog HERE (and on my list of faves to the right) under the alias of Miss365 but still being true to myself I have made my own photo montage.

  1. First name : Miss365
  2. Favourite food : potatoes
  3. Favourite colour : Blue
  4. Dream house : Beach house
  5. Ideal job : my job ( in theory - lol ! )
  6. Favourite superhero : Wonderwoman
  7. Favourite holiday :Easter 
  8. Favourite book : Ramona the Pest
  9. Favourite outside activity : Watching fireworks on the beach

Photos on Flickr. Mosaic made using Mosaic Maker.



  1. OMG, your mosaic came out sooo nice!!! I love it!! Yay!!!

    Also, like how you phrased this: "so it's better if I keep my words under lock and key today"–what a good idea-so often I tend to open my mouth and blahhh comes out. Good advice I'm trying to remember!

  2. Thanks for your post Jeanine ! My montage is now the home page on my ipad - so if anyone sees my ipad I guess they can reveal my secret identity - lol. Your montage has a creative grace about it - if that makes any sense at all ;)

    I have to work on the lock and key thing all the time. I process things by talking but sadly I've worked out over the years that it doesn't get forgotten about and while I may have moved on and changed my emotional opinion, the other person is left with my first impression. *sigh* not always fun when it gets back to the person whose behaviour or decisions I am needing to 'vent' about. :S



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