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Saturday, 27 November 2010

-359 We don't have Thanksgiving (officially) in Australia but....

It's Saturday night and yes I am on my new lounge again but today was a busy one so it's a welcome blobbing night :)

Today God gently held my hand and led me on a treasure hunt of unexpected blessings that were sprinkled throughout my day like glitter. I love days like this but I love it more when I recognise them and I am smart enough to be thankful for them. ;)

My friend The Princess is married to American Boy and roasted her first Turkey for their first Aussie based Thanksgiving yesterday as a newly married couple ( yes a day late ). It apparently took a fair bit of work to roast a turkey in coming - into- summer 27degree Sydney weather for 5 or so hours but by all reports it looked amazing and tasted great. And everyone was thankful. :)

Now I didn't eat turkey tonight ( however I now know what a Turturkeykey is - thanks HIMYM! ) but today after the day God gave me I am blessed/thankful for :
  • The sunlight that woke me up this morning and the promise of a migraine free day.
  • The clothes I wore for my fabulous day today. New size. Feeling less of a disconnection bit by bit. 
  • Walking into my Church for an unexpected worship team practice and loving the beautiful harmonies and vocals that were happening but most of all being so grateful to be part of a team that loves to worship God even when practicing.
  • Chatting with L after practice and getting some good tips about dental plans. Seriously good tips :)
  • Lunch with another L friend who just filled my soul with kind words, wisdom, laughter, support, a listening ear and blessed me by sneakily paying for lunch. I tried to outsmart her on that but she outsmarted me! I've been going through a hard time with something we have been connected with and to be told by her that she is proud of me for the way I have handled things and not let it destroy friendships, reputations or me in the process just felt like God was also letting me know that He was proud of me too. I've doubted at times if I've been a bit tough on people or not compassionate enough or too selfish. And then as we were leaving He ( through something L said ) gave me the prayer point I have been searching in order to pray for this person whom I have been hurt by. Blessed. Thankful. 
  • That my 92 year old Grandmother came through her operation to have her broken wrist set and has stopped freaking out and is resting in hospital. And thankful that Marvelous Mum is finding her inner strength after all these years of thinking that she had none and couldn't deal with life outside of the house.
Colossians 4:2 Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful. 

Part of my definition of prayer is my personal communication with God. He speaks. I listen. He speaks more than I listen. He patiently repeats Himself until I listen. ;)

Photo by luigi diamanti
 I want to live a life where I am not oblivious to the blessings, both big and small and be thankful for them. The thing is - they are always there. Just like glitter. Use a glitter for any purpose at all and I guarantee you'll be finding bits of glitter in your hair, on your face, under your feet, in your bed for months later. 

As I write this I just looked down at my hands. I have not used glitter at all today, this week, this month ( that I recall ). Guess what I can see ? ;)

Glitter to the naked eye. But do you know what I see ? 

Blessings :)


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