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Sunday, 27 February 2011

-290 Single Blogging Community vs. Single Community in Real Life

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This weekend has been one of those weekends of contrasts. I've found solace and excitement in finding new members of the Single & Fabulous  ( and non single and amazing ) Blogging Community and also once again realising that while I have amazing and wonderful friends in real life through stepping down from a particular ministry last year and the fact most of them are either married with young kids, newly married or geographically challenged ( lol, haven't used that term in a while! ) I feel disconnected every weekend from that community if there is no pre arranged event planned by someone. 

I think I mentioned in an earlier post that I wanted to see Gnomeo and Juliet and I have yet to see it because I am simply tired of seeing movies on my own. WHINE ALERT AHEAD! - so of course last weekend and this weekend I couldn't find anyone to go with. The reason ? Family commitments either with their own plans for entertainment with their husbands and kids or family bbqs and parties. *sigh* And before you tell me the joy of going to movies on my own - I am well versed in going to see movies on my own or I wouldn't have seen hardly any movies in the past number of years at the actual movies but I am seriously and simply tired of doing it. Over it. With a captial O.

Where did my community of friends go where we used to hang out, go see bands on weekends, grab a coffee, have dinner out, go for random trips to the beach in the afternoon?....Oh yeah they formed their own community. Their family unit. Which I completely get. It's just that I am feeling the loss and I don't actually know anyone else who is single that I can do these things with at the moment. I think this is the fourth weekend I've spent at home on my own. There has been stuff I wanted to do but because I am in this funk of being tired of doing stuff on my own I've been napping a lot, reading, on the computer and sighing. *sigh*

Praying for a way to fix this. And if I do stay single this will pass because my friend's kids will get bigger and will form their own community of friends and I'll get my friends back again. But I'm not sure how else to expand my world without neglecting the one I have.

That said I've had a fun weekend reading these new blogs and getting insight into other people's lives and I'm finding I'm neglecting the pile of books I want to read because I'm finding all your lives much more interesting. :)

Monday tomorrow. Big busy work day.



  1. Found your blog on the Sunny Sunday Blog Hop, now a follower. I'd love it if you would follow Dropped Stitches.

  2. I can totally understand the feelings here. I've sunken deeper and deeper into my own little cyber world within the past several weeks because the two friends I hung out with regularly obtained boyfriends at practically the same time. Now all they talk about is "the guy" and what "he said." And whenever I attempt to present a Biblical perspective on things or pose a word of caution, I get mocked and accused of trying to keep people single :( That really hurts... so I'm choosing to keep my distance now.

  3. I do share you woes about doing things alone. This past weekend I went to the movies by myself. I guess you just have to what you have to inorder to still feel alive. Fortunately, I do have a recently single friend I can call on do somethings with but...I totally get it.
    @Blase: The test of a true girlfriend is when a man comes into her life.

  4. @Miss Blase ( gotta work out how to do your 'e' properly on my laptop! ) Mocked :'( but they also may need gentle reminding particularly since both of them are excited about their new boyfriends at the same time. But I feel for you. :(


  5. @singlechristianwoman - Thanks firstly for stopping by and commenting :)

    I have seen so many movies by myself over the years and funnily enough I used to do it when The Non Bachelor and I were together as well so it wasn't that big of a deal when I ended up being single. But for me I guess these days it's just that no one seems to be going to see movies out any more or in groups ( babies, married couples ) and I miss it.


  6. I noticed that I am on your blogroll. Thanks! :)

    However, I did something really dumb last night--I changed my URL. Big mistake. Just wanted to let you know that the link you have on your blogroll is probably now inactive. However, if you want to add my new link: ShanimalsCrackers.blogspot.com, you're more than welcome to.



  7. You were on my blogroll as soon as I read your blog :) Changing it now :)



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