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Thursday, 17 February 2011

-299 The reasons I've been MIA are many ( Thursday 17th February 2011 )

Photo by Keattikorn
So it only took me 65 days to fall over in the daily blog - well if you knew Miss365 in person you may have been surprised that it took that long ! 

But seriously in the last month I have had two lost weekends of full on migraines, been back at work, applied for a short term job and been offered a completely different one and had to make a decision over the weekend ( I regretfully turned it down ), made slight progress with Bachelor #4 ( yes there will be an update ), spent time with The Real Ex whom from now on will be called The Non Bachelor ( because despite our renewed friendship and our ability to hang out together he will never make it onto the Bachelor list with a number next to his name! ) and had the single blues fairly hard after holding a close friend's day old beautiful baby girl. 

Rather than give up on this blog or madly try and catch up I'm just going to continue where I left off. I've been chained so hard to my computer at work during the day the past few weeks that by the time I've come home the last thing I've wanted to do was sit down and write a new blog post but I was driving home tonight and I felt that wanting to sign in and see what you've all been doing and to update this chronicle of my single life. 

I am encouraged at how positive the start of 2011 has been already. It feels like a year of adventure and I am determined to listen to that 'still small voice'. Bring it on!

PS -315 Thai Food & Long Lazy Chats has now been recovered and updated to it's full post glory. :)




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