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Saturday, 19 February 2011

-298 February Bachelor Update ( Friday 18th February 2011 )

So apparently the last time I mentioned Bachelor #4 was around Christmas when I said that we were establishing a slow and steady email friendship outside of The Dating Website That Shall Not Be Named. 

I had emails to answer while I was away over New Years at the holiday house but because of the patchy signal and me flicking back and forth between my online dating email address ( the one I gave Bachelor #4 ) and my real one I realised only when I came back that I had sent one of my emails to him via my regular email address. The one with my surname attached to it. The one he can google and since my surname is quite unique he could find out an awful lot about me in a very short space of time. 

But since he had actually shared his last name and videos of his family, his church website and all sorts of things and never demanded that I do the same I realised that I was being too over the top cautious. I think it was also being in a different State in Australia and not having yet worked out common acquaintances that made me feel a little weird about sharing that info. 

So fast forward to a couple of weeks ago when email silence decended from him for about 2 weeks and I thought that was it - interest in writing long emails had worn off and he had moved onto other things. 

Then of course I received an unexpected email from him citing being busy and lazy for his lax reply and I too realised that I had been a bit slow in replying of late, not due to lack of interest but more to not sitting down long enough to write back. Oh, I had time to read his emails but to sit down and write out a carefully worded reply? I couldn't even keep up with this blog. ;) Hence I suggested adding me to Facebook. If he had an account. 

About an hour later I had a friend request. And when I accpepted I didn't realise until I logged on that night on the full site rather than my mobile app than I had just friended a guy who on his page clearly stated that he was.....

In a Relationship

*sigh* Of course. There it was. I knew it was too good to be true. Why? I couldn't understand it. He didn't have to email me back. Or he could have just said. Or he could have warned me. Or he didn't have friend me. Or...whatever. 
Considered deFriending him there and then but I'm not sure if you know this about me but Miss365 is a natural stickybeak. Oh not a horrid in your face one but I do have a natural healthy sense of curiosity and I love a mystery. I was ( and still am ) a LOSTaholic - lol. 

So I scrolled and scrolled and continued until finally from the comments I worked out he was indeed in a relationship. And I shake my head. And laugh because some would say sadly I do genuinely find it funny, he is in a relationship with his bass guitar. Yup.

That's it for the Bachelor Update. Just one Bachelor at the moment. And in case you were wondering there was no contact ( from either of us ) on the 14th of this month ;)



  1. It's good to be a sticky-beak at times! :)
    I know a few people like that, only it might be their computer, their dog/cat, their......

  2. Lol Michelle. If I wasn't a sticky beak in this case I think I would have just blocked him and missed out on "whatever this is" because I just took it at face value. It would be weird to ask something like that.



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