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Sunday, 20 February 2011

-297 Finding My Inner Cheerleader ( or in my case up myself dancer ) ( Saturday 20th February, 2011 )

Photo by Salvatore Vuono
Last Saturday night I spontaneously ended up having coffee with The Non Bachelor at his place and after hearing about his dating woes ( oh my! The drama! ) we got onto the subject of online dating and my own frustration with it.

And I never thought I would think this, let alone write this on a blog or acknowledge this in any way ever ( are you hearing my astonishment here?! ) he was the most helpful out of any of my real life friends have been so far. Not that the people that I have spoken to haven't been helpful it was just that he was able to not only give me advice based on being both a guy and someone that knew me before I lost that spark that attracted the male species ( more on that in a sec ).

At one point in the early hours of Sunday morning ( biggest coffee ever was required to get up for Church a few hours later ) he went upstairs and came back down with a pile of photos of me, both of us and even photos of my family that he had ended up with when we had broken up. It brought up a whole range of emotions looking at those photos and seeing how confident and downright cute I actually was when I was younger. 

I picked up a dating book a few weeks ago from a bargain bin and the bits I've read have been kinda helpful. And while a lot of it doesn't apply to my life and I won't apply to my life it doesn't have that "Christian sugar sweet just trust God to write your love story" that seems to be the theme of Christian dating or single books. Don't get me wrong Christian books have their place but I'm at the stage in my life where I trust God but I need practical tips and ideas. Again I digress.....

So one of the first bits that jumped out of this book when I read this chapter a few weeks ago was about in effect 'Finding Your Inner Cheerleader'. Not that the authors were actually saying that you have to be like a cheerleader ( thank goodness! ) but it was more about liking yourself and pinpointing when you were at your best and why you were at your best.

Well looking at these photos I realised when I was at my best and why I was at my best then. Unfortunately it was before I was a Christian and it shouldn't be that way but through circumstances and how I let those events shape my life I lost my spark. 

So after giving me some excellent, specific advice on what may be going on in Bachelor #4's brain ( without going into details - that would be far too weird ) I went home feeling like real progress had been made both in understanding the world of dating and reconnecting with my inner Cheerleader aka Up Myself Dancer - lol.


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  1. I know I am not the person I was years ago. There was an innocence.....

    But I also know that without the circumstances and situations that have occurred since I would not be the person I am now. And God wouldn't be able to use me to minister to people who are going through/or have been through similar things.

    Hope your cheerleader stands up bright and loud! :)



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