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Sunday, 27 March 2011

-275 I'm back - not that I ever left

Where did my week go? Other than working and living through a ninja migraine ( silent migraine that I don't always feel in my head but my body still responds to the insane pain )that I didn't realise I was battling until Thursday afternoon when the pain actually kicked in - I've been busy getting through all the stuff that has a deadline attached to it. 

After this week and talking things through with Marvelous Mum yesterday ( sometimes just talking out loud clarifies things ) I've realised that this new generic brand of migraine meds I am on perhaps isn't agreeing with me. My hair has been dropping out at an insanely high rate ( which I had under control somewhat in the past month or so ), I've been jittery, the ninja week long migraine is back and it's been really difficult to concentrate when I am reading and not just Uni textbooks either. I've only been on this brand for 2 weeks so it's back to the doc to get another script this week because I'm out of repeats. Another thing to do. Lol !

This week I'll have to do a Bachelor Update - 'cause it's been a while. 

Ok, back to the Uni work....

....err...um...actually it's time to watch Fringe Mmmm Joshua Jackson....and then one final reading before bed. 



  1. Sorry to hear about the migraine. Hope you find a med that works without the side-affects.

  2. Thanks Michelle. :)

    The brand name ones have all sorts of side effects but I had them under control. These new generic ones ( that I hadn't tried before ) are horrid. And I've been doing some googling and finding out with these meds I am better of staying brand name than generic.

    I'm just happy I can call them migraines now and recognise them instead of pushing through all the time until I crash for two weeks. :)



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