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Saturday, 19 March 2011

-277 Work took over this week

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Quite simply work took over this week and I chained myself to my computer a lot and tried to get a whole stack of programming and Uni work done. I have one subject left to complete my Masters and 2 assessments to go so I thought I'd better get cracking on it. I drank far too much coffee *mmm Cherry Lattes * and diet coke and watched eps of The Big Bang Theory & How I Met Your Mother as I worked constantly.....

Thanks for your prayers regarding my last post. As of yet I still haven't been called about that appointment nor do I know exactly what the issue is about. I have however spoken to that person on a different topic and it wasn't brought up so I have no idea when or even if it's going to happen. It's almost like I've been waiting for the guillotine to fall this week but since Friday afternoon and having a good conversation with Dependable Dad about it all I am less anxious about it and the longer it takes for this appointment to be made the more I believe it must be a reaction to something rather than a real ongoing important issue. 

Hopefully I'll hear about those two jobs I applied for this week. That might be my out. :)

Have also made some interesting connections with my pruning and shall get to that post soonish. 


Gotta get to bed. Church tomorrow. :)



  1. i just found your blog today- i love it! i hope youre having a great day! if not, smile a little more, it makes a whole difference!

    come and visit me at thestyleprojects.blogspot.com :)

  2. Well, no news is good news....

    Hopefully it is just a reaction to something and once thought about, the realisation that it isn't an issue to be concerned about has sunk in.

    Still praying about the jobs.

    Have a great week.

  3. @ Thanks Sharde. Today was pretty good. Don't get fooled by my blog topics - I'm generally a fairly positive person it's just that you guys that read this thing get to be my sounding board for the stuff that seems to bubble to the surface. :)

    @ Michelle. Yep. Keep praying. Thank you. :)

  4. Love Joyce Meyer!!! I just finished one of her books earlier this year and went to her conference in August of last year. She's awesome and I liked the clip!

    I can certainly relate to the whole pruning thing. It sounds as if you and I are both being refined by God's shears right now and, quite frankly, it ain't fun. I'll pray for those job offers (that His will would be done) and that your appointment (if it ever happens) goes WAAAAYY better than you expect. In the end, may it all be beneficial to you, your character and your relationship with Christ :)

    Peace, babe.



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