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Saturday, 5 March 2011

-284 A lady date

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Last night I had a spontaneous 'lady date' with someone who I guess has in the past been in that place of being part acquaintance, part friend but I've known her since she was about 14 ( she's 22 now ). We both left the comfort of our homes to go and see a movie, sighed and had a whispered battle over who was going to marry Timothy Olyphant *love* *mmm**sigh* when we both realised he was on screen in the movie and had a coffee and chat until 2am about a whole range of things from life to family to loyalty to love to ambition.

We discovered that we could relate on a range of levels and we are in similar places in life after a "glad to see the back of 2010" kind of way. I think despite our age difference we could be quite good friends. I'll have to think of an appropriate name for her since I think she'll be mentioned in this blog in the coming weeks. :)

Best bit of the night ? She seriously thought that I was 32. She came to my 31st party - 5 years ago ;)



  1. People ALWAYS think I'm younger that what I really am. It drives me crazy. Hellllooooo, I'm supposed to be an adult now, I don't wanna be stuck in my teens forever!

  2. I get that! I'm only 28, though my birth cert makes me 44 and my daughter turns 17 on Frid, so don't think I can keep pulling that one off! :)

    I do get the not wanting the time to go so fast.

  3. @Shanimal - You will appreciate it enormously in a few years! Lol.

    @Michelle - I am convinced I am in my early thirties rather than my "mid to march into my late thirties". I think what happened was that when The Non Bachelor and I broke up when I was almost 25 I went back to being a 20 year old and experiencing life from there.

    And yes I don't want time to go so fast either. I have only so many eggs left ;)



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