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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

-282 Things that made me smile today

I'll have to come back to yesterday's post and do a quick edit as I actually went to the source after talking and listening to the Source about what to do. And I'm glad I approached her about this perception she has of me being clingy and dependent and more importantly about where this perception comes from. Very interesting. And not really all that surprising. 

But I wanted to quickly share before I grab and early night with my new book Left Neglected about why I enjoyed today.....

  • Today was sunny and despite traffic being horrid there is just something about a crisp, sun shiny day that makes me smile. :)
  • I found Cherry Coke Zero at a local supermarket yesterday and stocked up on a few cans. It's not something that we get in Australia and I do a little happy dance every time I see that I can purchase it. Thank you (not) New York 2010 for beginning this love ( as we can also blame Hong Kong for the Salad Pretzel & Grape Fanta , Singapore for the Curry Twisties addictions too - lol ). Lunch today was accompanied by a can of this fave. Smile while sipping. :)
  • While having lunch I was reading Facebook and Joshua Radin updates that tickets for his Australian tour ( since when?!) had just gone on sale! Well I logged onto the presale and purchased two tickets for his Sydney show. *sigh with love* Have no one to go with yet and as far as I know none of my friends in Sydney love him the way I do but I am hopeful that there will be someone to go with in June. So that made me not only smile but do an inner happy dance ( and perhaps a little car dance on the way home) ;)
  • A few weeks ago I applied for a promotional job in a relieving position. I didn't get that job ( although I did come close to getting it ). Well not one but two of the same jobs were advertised today soooooo close to home and I am hopeful that this is the out that God has been preparing me for with regards to work and making the break between my work and personal life. I am praying so hard but with an inner sense of peace and knowledge that whatever happens is His plan it's hard to describe at the moment. But I would love it if you could pray :) ( Applications close on Friday 11th and I'll know sometime the following week ). It's only a reliving position until mid June but could be extended. So this made me smile smile smile. 
  • And your comments. Knowing that I actually have people that come and read my random thoughts about my life and take the time to comment and respond. People whom I don't know and who only know me through this blog. YOU make me smile. I was thinking about it today. YOU bless me so much just by commenting and those of you who are stopping by and reading snippits even. Aunt Haley, Elsie, Ms. Blasé& Jeanine for putting me on your blogrolls. :) :) :)
*smiley* Miss 365


  1. Don't think I've ever tried Cherry Coke, but I did find a place that sold TAB - remember Elle McPherson coming out of the water and drinking it? Well, I bought a can and drank it...not as good as I remember it. But it also had the diet-drink-after-taste so that was not in it's favour. :)

    Hope your job future is bright and shiny.

  2. @Michelle - I remember TAB but I don't remember ever drinking it though. I'm hoping my job future is bright and shiny too :)

  3. I should probably start making a list of things that make me smile. Then maybe I would smile more. :)

  4. Thanks for reminding me about what makes me smile.Love this post!

  5. @Shanimal - Yep - do it :) Or just catch yourself smiling at stuff and remember to write it down. :)

    @Thanks LT. :)



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