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Friday, 4 March 2011

-288 - 285 The first work week of March ( Tuesday 1st - Friday 4th March 2011)

Photo by luigi diamanti
All week I've had these pre migraine symptoms and came home each afternoon prepared to go for a walk or an interval run but ended up just staring at the TV or going to have a quick afternoon nap that turned into a 3 or 4 hour one. Annoying but obviously necessary.

Nothing hugely insightful to share from this week but some highlights -

  • My work badge has my surname on it but because I am a Teacher that teaches in different schools all the time kids need to know what to call me and other Teachers need to know what to introduce me as. Hence my badge says "Miss [insert the real Bruce Wayne type surname of Miss 365 here]". Well on Wednesday I accidentally kept it on and went to the shops after work to buy the milk, some english muffins and other staples ( no bananas - lol ) and got asked for my phone number twice! I didn't work it out until the second guy who pointed out I was a 'Miss'. So apparently it pays to advertise - even if you do it inadvertently. ;) Oh and no, I did not give out my number. The first guy no - the second guy was wearing a wedding ring. 
  • I got my hair coloured and cut on Thursday night and I love it ! Other people aren't sure about it because the colour starts halfway down my head rather than at the top and goes from really dark at the top to light at the ends but it's a little edgy and more ME than I have been in a long, long time. Love it!
  • I get higher points on "Groove is in the Heart" than on "Hot and Cold" on Wii Just Dance 1. And I laugh like a hyena the whole time so I'm at a loss to exactly how I am getting these points. Although my running man rocks! ;)
  • I've noticed a pattern to my Friday night's now. I am finding that I am working back longer and longer in the afternoon, hitting ridiculous peak hour traffic that is worse because it is Friday, doing some food shopping and then by the time I get home and have dinner it's not that many hours until I need to go to bed and because I have a regular Saturday morning appointment to get up for. I have come to see Friday nights as my lonely night and almost procrastinating going home in order to make it pass quicker. There's a ballet class that I've looked into going to and I'm going to do it so I can do ballet again on my own terms ( this post will explain some of my issues ) but I've been avoiding starting that as well. 
Well that's about all for my week. Only 5 weeks until holidays! 



  1. Well, I must say, I'm loving your new blog look. Very hip. Ballet: love love. Did this for many years. If I tried to do it now, I cringe to think how ungraceful my "point" would look. I'm sure I've lost any "arch" I may have had and have quite a bit more extra poundage than back in my teenage years. Anyways you should totally do it. And if there was a class around here, I'd totally sign up to. I'd put all those youngsters to shame-ehrr in my own super gracefulish way.

    I would LOVE to see your hair!! Sounds totally awesome.

  2. Thanks Jeanine. A bit of a blog makeover before the hair makeover - lol. The ballet class is a "novice/beginner" class with the Sydney Dance Company and even doing a novice class when I danced until I was 16 with ballet and almost 20 with jazz/contemporary is just a mind battle at the moment. Part of me is dying to do it and part of me knows that my body doesn't work the same as it used to. And there is no way I can get up on pointe anymore :'(

    I'm already g'ing myself up to go this Friday night. :)

    Check your inbox ;)

  3. Awesome, you will totally rock it. What' to loose? Only fun times and a fit body to gain, right? I say, as I sit here sipping super thick dark chocolate (hot cocoa)...Mhhh... I should join a class too. ;)



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