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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

-269 Ninjas followed me home

I have some great things I want to share about camp but alas those sneaky Ninjas followed me home and I'm waiting them out until I make sense again. It's all good, I'm still on holidays so it's giving me an excuse to snuggle down in my high thread count sheets & doona cover & smooshy pillows. Love :)

xMiss365 & the sneaky Ninjas with their silent migraine sticks ;)

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  1. I think it's cool that you have an iPad. And that you're on holiday. And that you just received this award!!!!!!!!:


  2. Ooh, jealous of your high thread count sheets (though I do have one set), pillows etc. Though I have what can only be called hayfever (and have had it for a week now) and if I can figure out what is causing it - I'm throwing it out! (Hope it's not the tulips on the table, though tulips have never been a problem before.)

    Look forward to hearing about camp. And may the Ninja's be gone way before you go back to work.

  3. @Shannon - Oh LOL!

    @Michelle - Hope the hayfever goes away quick. And high thread count sheets & doona covers rock :) I am always on the look out when they are on sale. Ninjas are retreating slowly. I did push it a lot so it's no wonder really ;)



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