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Thursday, 21 April 2011

-268 Oh ! ShanWOW!

So I faceiciously suggested to the insanely funny yet slightly unhinged Shannon of Shanimal's Crackers to create her own award with her own rules. And if you haven't checked out her blog you really need to. She's hilarious particularly before you drink your coffee in the morning ( actually just as hilarious after too ) ;)

As she said to me - be careful what you wish for - or suggest ;)  

So drumroll please I have been bestowed the honour of the ShanWOW Award ! Hurrah !!!

RULES:-Tell us your five most-played songs from your iTunes.
-Make a wish.
-Say the magic word. (For those of you who don't know, it's "Shidobee.")
-Did your wish come true? No? Then you're not saying it with enough emotion. Try again. This time, try yelling shidobee at the next thing that moves. It'll scare the crap out of it.
-Still no? Dang. Oh, well. It's a good thing you have this crappy (I mean this literally and figuratively, because, hey, if you did the above instructions then it really made someone shidobee) award to fall back on. Thank me later.

I changed my mind. I give this ShanWOW award to everyone who reads skims this post. That means you. And YOU. Hey, that old man standing behind you who's sneaking a look over your shoulder at your computer screen? Yep, this one's for him too.

So here goes....lol 
My five most played songs on itunes are;

Wedding Dress - Matt Nathanson

Brand New Day - Joshua Radin

As much as I ever could - City and Colour

  Bus Stop - Basement Birds

& a dead tie between 5th place.....

Paul Colman Trio ( or aka PC3 ) Dip  &

Katie Noonan when she was still with George - Special Ones

Now for the rest. The Cat Empire is not pleased with the yelling of Shidobee. He almost fell off the back of the chair behind me. And - Ouch. I didn't remember making a wish of being poked at by a claw of discontent. :P

So c'mon - who's next ? I really would like to see this Award circulating the blogs ;)



  1. Haha, you're great for actually posting this! And...I can't believe you even followed those rules. Good for you, good for you.

    I'm about to listen to your posted videos. Thanks!

  2. I'm such a slightly rebellious rule follower ;)



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