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Sunday, 3 April 2011

-273 All good things come to those who pray

Firstly, I kept you all waiting to hear my news. So sorry ! I was waiting for a few official things to be put into place in my real life and strangely I didn't want to jeopodise it by writing about it on here - even though I'm supposed to be incognito-like -with my Secret Identity! Lol ;)

A little recap....

So as far back as post -356 Thank God for Wii Boxing  & -355 Photo Montage I expressed that I was having difficulties at work. Basically my professional, personal and Church life were all mixed up together for years and until the past 12 months that didn't prove to be much of an issue. Until my relationship between myself and one particular person didn't so much as change rather I woke up to the fact it wasn't healthy nor did was it something that was enabling me to grow in any of those three areas of my life. Being the incredibly loyal person that I am - think Golden Retriever and you've got a good description! Lol !- I stuck it out until God pretty much told me enough was enough. Now I cannot say that I handled everything with 100% perfect emotional integrity nor can I say that I communicated my feelings to that particular person all the time and about everything ( history told me it was better not to ) but I did my best to stay accountable to God and to a select few people about what I was going through. When I did feel the overwhelming need to 'vent' or talk I tried to talk about events or how I was feeling about certain realisations rather than slamming that particular person. I listened to God's voice and stepped down from certain parts of my life that I loved and not only gave me purpose but a social outlet because it gave a distance between my personal and professional life. And I did what I could to preserve my friendship with those directly effected and caught in the middle.

So many times I have questioned myself over my integrity and had I gone too far in speaking to people ? Had I been too emotional ? Could I have done more to "fix the situation" ? Was I just being a plain old drama queen ? And was the medication making my reactions to this ongoing issue ( this had been going on for years ) worse ?  But it was the wise words of amazing people such as She Who Sparkles and some other amazing people ( some in Cast of Thousands some not mentioned yet ) that I realised that I was being too hard on myself and I needed to give myself a break.

Even since the beginning of this year I've given this person opportunity to start the year with me with a clean slate. To not have the misunderstandings of the past cloud the new year. And through more different understandings about what is right and appropriate my trust that I gave was once again lost.

Sounds bleak right ?

No, just another opportunity for God to show me that new things awaited me and it was ok to go. And that He had a path for me and I just needed a little nudge to get on it.

I've been applying for promotional positions and about 6 weeks ago didn't get the one that I was seeking but was offered a sideways step position. Although it was close to home I wavered, prayed about it and declined the offer. In the interim I may have felt a twinge of regret when things went a little askew in a the past few weeks again but I didn't feel convicted. Strangely enough despite still being frustrated I felt at peace. A couple of weeks ago I applied for two more promotional positions and after a flurry of "drama" on a partiular day I said to Marvelous Mum & Dependable Dad on the phone that if I didn't get these jobs and they by some miracle had that other job still open and offered it to me, I would take it.

Moral - be careful what you say out loud because God will hear you and green light His plans ! Lol !

That afternoon I got a call informing me that I didn't get the promotional jobs but they were offering me again the similar job as they offered previous. However this time they had added a few incentives and extra "non financial cherries on top" because they were impressed by my potential.

Of course I said "YES!"

*Happy Dance* began immediately!

Now technically this job is only offered for the next 12 weeks ( all jobs at the moment are ) but could be extended and made permanent. Praying it will be extended but if not at least they will have had an opportunity to get to know me and I won't just be a name on a piece of paper the next time I apply for a job in that part of town. :)

So much to do before I start but I honestly feel that God has restored ( in part ) what I have lost. And He has plans in the works for the rest.

I'm excited. :)



  1. Wow! Our God is good, eh?

    I can picture you (well, not you because I don't 'know' you, but what I picture as you) doing little dancing skips, pinching yourself, and smiling/laughing to yourself all week.

    So happy for you. And our God has great plans for you. Keep walking in His way, spending time being still with Him.

  2. And I am excited for you!!!! It's always wonderful to hear about how God is working in someone's life. Reading your testimony has definitely encouraged me. Thanks for sharing... and I pray that this new endeavor is better and greater than anything that you could have possibly imagined!

    Stay blessed :)

  3. Thank you to both of you. :)

    Last day today. Spoke to my new unoffical boss earlier in the week and she seems lovely. Talked about working together as a team and what we will do together. I am already excited. :)

    I am going to be so glad to be able to talk to my friends freely again. :)

    Now bring on the 16 days of holidays ! :)



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