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Saturday, 30 April 2011

-262 My name is Miss365 and I am single

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Pride swallowed for the first time tonight regarding being possibly "set up" and it wasn't as painful and didn't choke me as I thought it would. 

Yup - I swallowed my pride and after ended up at The Crew's place tonight ( The Princess wasn't well so we are dinner-ing next Saturday night ) I expressed to Bestest Bud, Bonsai Master and my friend from camp that came over for dinner that I needed to be kept in mind when they were doing things with groups of friends or knew guys around my age - or younger - that were single.  It was more pride swallowing for my camp friend rather than Bestest Bud or Bonsai Master because they both acknowledge that who they know I generally know as well. But I did it. And I didn't die. ;)

Although I did learn something tonight, that perhaps I had rolled my eyes without explaining myself one too many times to Bonsai Master when he had previously told me about a single guy who was "Christian, single and about your age" as the only prerequisites for setting me up, in theory, with someone he had come in contact with. When he mentioned someone he knew and he started along the perhaps route I looked at him and he said "Oh maybe not for you....(must've seen my face fall )....or then maybe perhaps for you then". So I have to wonder if I have a long time ago set myself up too much as Miss-Independent-I-can-find-my-own-man-thank-you-very-much. 

So next week I will mention this to The Princess & The American Boy and in a few weeks time another couple who should have a vast amount of access to singles ( both male & female ) that have social lives - hopefully anyway!

Pride swallowed and hopefully something new will come :)



  1. I frequently tell people "I'm happy to meet any Christian single guy at least once" so people know I'm happy for a set up. So far it's only happened once and my reaction was simply "Um, friend have you met ME?" cos my friend picked a guy who was very, very not right for me.

    Why people forget to introduce you to their single friends and yet proclaim that they'd love for you to meet Mr Right, is beyond me.

  2. I am very cautious of the "blind date" set up. I have noticed that people who try to set you up really do not take the time to find out about the intended date first to make sure you may have anything in common. As you said, the criteria for a blind date is "it's a guy and he is single" everthing else you have to find out on your own.

  3. I'm liking your blog's new header. Very appealing.

    Sometimes I want to be set up, while other times I don't. I think it all depends on who's setting you up and how well you know the matchmaker. For example: I was set up and went on a blind date with a guy. I didn't know anything about him, but as soon as I met him, I knew why we'd been set up together: he was short. So, obviously, 2 short people are supposed to go together...heh. Our height was the ONLY thing we had in common.

  4. The only time I was set up on a blind date was in college... and the results was disastrous. But that was over a decade ago, so I'm holding out serious hope for the future.

    And swallowing pride? I say let there be no shame in the game, girl! Honestly, how else are we supposed to meet great guys unless we make it known that we're available? Go on and get the word out!!


  5. No shame. And I'm glad your pride didn't choke you. Praying that as you get the word out, God will expand your relationship horizons.

  6. @ all :)

    I don't think I really want the whole "blind date" set up but perhaps for just to be remembered and invited out in groups where there might be other single males for me to meet. Or even other single females who may even know of other single males!

    I shouldn't rubbish set ups as The Crazy Med Student and The Blue Smurf were set up and they are just about to have little "a little crazy baby blue smurf" in about a month after almost 5 years of marriage. :)

    And the swallowing my pride bit - it's more like me asking for help. Kind of hard. I hate to be a burden on people. Asking for "help" in my singledom is hard. But getting slightly easier the more I do it and the more specific I am when I explain what kind of guy I am best with ;)



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