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Thursday, 28 April 2011

-263 An Engagement

Photo credited in a previous post
Rock on Bro & His Better Half got engaged today !

Hurrah ! Congratulations !

That was the happy news. 

In not so encouraging news I just happened to be at Marvelous Mum & Devoted Dad's place when they called ( they are away together at the moment ) I unfortunately was there to hear the thing that made me both shake my head and made me feel down at the same time. 

Devoted Dad is fairly hard of hearing so when my Grandmother called to offer her congratulations to my parents he had her on speaker so I was able to hear her go through the rest of the grandchildren that were yet to be engaged or in a long term relationship. 

Hmmm. Do you think that I was mentioned at all in her list ? And she got all the way down to my 13 year old cousin. *sigh* Have I become the "Christian Nun"? Or worse still the "I wonder if she is really in the closest?" grandaughter? *big huge sigh*


And while I am laughing at being left off the list I wasn't laughing ten minutes later when one of Devoted Dad's sisters - one of my many Aunts - ready ( capitals on purpose )


I think not. 

Anyway with Rock on Bro & His Better Half not getting hitched until 2013 I may just beat them to the altar yet. 

Well a gal's gotta have something to hold onto - lol ! 



  1. CONGRATS to your little brother!!!

    But 2013??? Why the loooooooooooong wait? By that time, you and I BOTH may have beat him to the altar :0)

  2. Why 2013? Simple answer is they are not Christians and they can wait if they want.


    Their answer is that His Better Half is only halfway through her Uni degree and their agreement was that they wouldn't get engaged until she was working full time. I guess Rock On Bro caved and this is there compromise ;)

    I am sooooo praying we both meet - and have some kind of shiny ring on our own special left ring finger before then ;)



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