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Sunday, 24 April 2011

-266 Rain rain go away? Or God's up to something good :)

Remember this post  in January ? So that creek was just behind a showground called Queens Park in Toowoomba, Queensland that flooded quite badly. Every Easter there is a Christian music festival held there called Easterfest and the clip above was actually taken from their offices ( I'm pretty sure - don't quote me on this! ) 

Anyway, many people wondered if Easterfest would go on this year since Toowoomba is a fairly largely populated inland town it was all but certain that the town would be up on it's feet enough to support the extra 30 000 or so extra bodies/smelly campers that descend on the town for the long weekend. The festival is held over three days and all on site camping passes sold out before the festival started and the only way you could see the bands etc was to get day passes which requires wristbands - as you do. But since the town is still getting back on it's feet I heard that the organisiers were encouraging everyone to get offsite in between bands during the day and "give back to the town". Which going by past events I'm sure they would in droves. Toowoomba was about to receive a fast food/supermarket/coffee/slurpee boost ;)

Unfortunately I was unable to get up there this year, I always think about it but since my friend's camping/music festival days are put on hold for the time being I chose to follow via Facebook & Twitter. Leading up to bands like Switchfoot and Paul Colman Trio ( they reunited!!!!) playing Easterfest were announcing how the weather reports were saying that it was going to be mostly fine, maybe some showers etc. 

This is what happened last night ( Saturday ) 

Oh no! You might say. And well, yes there were probably a lot  of "Oh no!'s" by campers as everyone was evaculated and a lot of tents, sleeping gear and other stuff was flooded and saturated. No one slept on site last night and local Churches and halls houses everyone who camped. A massive task I might add!

So is Easterfest cancelled ?

No no no ! :) Well sort of.....Switchfoot didn't get to play and they are now on their way to Perth and a few other bands didn't make their way up....but.....

It's now in the streets of Toowoomba :) How cool is that?! God obviously thought that the people of Toowoomba needed some good old Aussie - and non Aussie - Christian music and there are coffee shops and stages being set up all over town! Talk about street evangelising on Resurrection Sunday :)

And apparently it's a beautiful sunny day in Toowoomba today. Go figure !

I'll leave you with a song created by the Mainstage Collective that was written & produced by the Aussie mainstage acts to raise money to support Toowoomba. I love this song. Mostly because I'm pretty sure it started with Compliments of Gus - love - but it's also got PC3, Scat & more. And it's created via about 3 or 4 different states in Australia and countries.  But it also reminds me of my time in Queensland earlier this year as I think I listened to it on repeat all the way home on the plane.  Enjoy :)

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  1. I don't know if it's even humanly possible to comprehend all of the global tragedies. I'll just pray that all this unrest in nature causes people to look up to God as their Source and their Protector.

    And that was a great song, by the way! I also enjoyed the fact that there were a couple of cute guys in the video. Definitely helped me to pay attention ;-)



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