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Saturday, 9 April 2011

-271 Things I learned on a singles cruise

Wedge heels are pretty but there are days when your feet hurt without warning. Today was one of those days. New shoes were going to be required. Luckily I had time to spare and I knew just where to get some cheap flats.
Market City. Downstairs cheap and cheerful markets. Upstairs factory outlets.
New super cheap flats purchased.
And a super super hot hat perfect for being memorable and also good for sun protection out on the Harbour. It was a beautifully warm Autumn day today ! 
So on the way down to the wharf I was hopeful that I would meet some other Christians that had the potential to become social acquaintances and possibly friends ( and yes maybe I was hoping to spy a cute male or two !)
 While on the Harbour Cruising this is what I learned today :
  • I blabber a bit too much when I am nervous.
  • The food was not worth $60 and I ate about $5 worth of food and drank a $2 diet coke. 
  • I don't particularly love standard small talk questions and don't really love the way I answer them. 
  • I need to become better prepared with small talk answers. 
  • I need to have an answer for what are my pastimes other than making excuses for why I don't seem to have any. Which is rubbish because I do lots of things to pass the time. Just not things that sound appealing...."Oh I procrastinate a lot, I stare at the washing up and then avoid it, I blog, I check facebook, I watch DVDs I've seen a lot because they are comfortable, I sleep and avoid Ninjas wielding Migraine sticks...lol. Yup. Need to come up with good answers. Lol.
  • The best looking guy was not the most interesting.
  • The geeky, Science guy was the most interesting. 
  • The guys all gravitated towards the small boned, blonde hostess even though she wasn't all that great of a conversationalist. 
  • The brunette Catholic girl was the best conversationalist but lost the guys attention when she said that she was doing Lent at the moment. 
  • I won't be going on another one. Or it's very doubtful....because....
  • It wasn't really a group for Christian singles...it was a bunch of different singles groups invited and mashed together. *sigh* I have no idea who was Christian and who wasn't. 
  • The view was great !
  • As the day went on I got a lot more comfortable. 
  • And I learned that I need to work on small talk...did I say that already ;)
So I needed a mint skim Grande iced cafe mocha from Starbucks on the way back to catch the train back to my car. I found out I had missed out on the Dark Cherry Mochas by only a week. *sigh* 

Even though it wasn't what I was looking for today I did take a step out to do something different. I took a chance and stepped out of my comfort zone. Who knows what I'll do next? 



  1. Something different indeed! Though not perfect, this cruise still sounded great. And the views look heavenly. I'm glad that you made the best of it and learned more about yourself in the process (isn't that what most of life is about anyway?). Kudos to you for expanding your horizons :0)

    You go, girl!

  2. And you got new shoes, and a new hat, and a cruise on the harbour! And, as Ms Blase said, you learned something about yourself. I'm not that great at small talk myself, so I guess I would be in the corner observing rather than trying to make small talk. But the better I feel about myself and the closer my relationship with Jesus, the easier I find it to talk to people. Go figure.

  3. A positive way to see this is that you can cross that off your list of things to do. Now that you have stepped out of your comfort zone, the next adventure should not be too stressful.

  4. Yeah, I think I'm horrible at small talk. I don't know what to ask, so I don't. But when others ask me questions, I usually just give one word answers...I hate small talk. Why can't we all move past the "you like the weather today?" lines and go straight for, "so tell me exactly who you are."

  5. I went on a Christian Singles Cruise a few years back. What I learnt was (drum roll please)

    * Check the average age of the expected attendees before going. It's not fun when they are at least 20 years older than you and mostly girls with a handful of OLD men 8-S lol

    As for small talk... my brother likes to ask people he's just met "What are you passionate about?" That makes for some more interesting conversation than work and weather.

  6. Hey Walkwiththewise - how do I email you ? I need to ask you a question and I don't want particularly want to do it on a public forum.

    Now to your comment - I was asked a lot on this cruise about my passions and interests. Unfortunately at the time I was mid Uni madness and I had not seen a proper movie in months and all the bands I had seen lately received blank looks. *sigh* But usually a very valid question to ask. Much better than the weather ;)



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