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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

-317 Please Pray - An emergency side post ( Tuesday 11th January, 2011 )

Dear Readers,

For those of you who experienced or knew of those who got hit with the Nashville, TN floods in May 2010 you may feel some compassion for what is happening in South East Queensland, Australia at the moment. 

Twelve days ago Rockhampton was hit with flood waters and the people of this country are rallying to pick up the pieces. Thank you President Obama for your support but even you may have spoken too soon....

Yesterday almost without warning what is being described as an inland Tsunami wave of flood water barrelled down the streets of Toowoomba. Current death toll is 9 but there are over 60 people current missing. I've linked a complilation video below but be aware Aussies tend to deal with disaster and shock by either making light of the situation or seeing the humour in in first.

More rain today and more rain to come and nowhere for the water to go means that the suburbs of Brisbane ( the capital city of Queensland and is a CBD) is now under threat and the water level is rising rapidly. The city is being evacuated and there has never been anything like this in history. There are even country towns that are now literally islands with no way in or out. There has been little else on TV and other towns in Queensland such as Dalby are bracing for a second wave of flooding only after being hit with the first in two weeks. 

One of the saddest things I've heard today was the family which included small children were spotted by helicopter taking refuge on their car and by the time the SES ( rescue service ) were able to get to them they had be swept away. :(

Keep in mind that so many of these towns are farming towns and have been in drought for most of the past decade. To have this happen is just devastating. And while the people of SE Queensland are battling the rain over the otherside of the country in Perth, Western Australia are fighting off out of control temperatures and bushfires. 

Interesting start to 2011. Dead seagulls & birds here too. God trying to get our attention ? He has mine. I can't stop crying and praying today.

If you feel led to, please pray for the people of Queensland that God's grace and mercy will be shown in new and obvious ways to those that do know and love Him and those that don't know Him yet. And for the rain to ease and the flood waters to ease and for the loss of life to be minimised. 

A sad Miss 365


  1. This is the first video I have seen - don't watch a lot of tv. Thanks for linking. I've been praying from down here in Vic.

  2. I've been watching the updates all day Chelle. :(

    Prayers will be needed for the next couple of days, particularly for those areas they are predicting that will flood to about 22m . Ridiculous.

  3. True. You look at what happened in Nashville last year, and other 'third world' countries and think it will never happen here.

  4. Wow, this is simply horrifying. I will definitely be keeping the whole nation in my prayers. Thanks for highlighting it.

  5. Broke...my...heart...


    And this is just the beginning of the stories. Praying there are no more flash floods like these. And although the rising flood waters that are still rising and are not predicted to peak until at least tomorrow at least the death toll should be down. After all, things can be replaced. People cannot.

    Thanks for your continued prayers.



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