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Monday, 17 January 2011

-318 All Tangled ( Monday 10th January 2011 )

Walt Disney Pictures
Let me just say I love going to the movies with little people ! It means I get to see these kind of movies without feeling slightly odd that I am choosing to do it on my own. 

Now a while ago I took up the challenge to see the movie Tangled on my own in 3D when it came out in Australia. Now I'm really sorry Jeanine but when it comes to choosing to see a movie on my own in 3D or with 3 cute little people ( and their Mum/Aunty ) in 2D well there is no choice really ;)

Other than the absolute beautiful animation, the great storytelling and the heart wrenching desire for a family to be reunited ( the King's tears rolling down his face just about broke me! ) was almost at the end ( in the scary bit ) Mr 2.5 yells ( yep yells ) out "I want Aunty Miss365!" and I got a Judgey cuddle for the remainder of the movie ( and a reason to stop the sobs that were threatening to bubble over ! ) 

What a great movie ! 

I also laugh at the thought of what I must have looked like at one stage later in the Food Court with the three of them all playing Doodle Buddy on my iPhone while I held it and talked to my cousin and her husband and drank a skim Latte ;)

Talented or what?!

Another good good day :)


PS I am now considering seeing Tangled in 3D. Maybe I will complete the challenge after all ;)


  1. LOL....fantastic!!! I'm so proud of you for going to see it. And you're right. Who can beat going with a bunch of cute kiddies. I'd say you've completed the challenge and I bestow upon you the Bravery and Confidence Award for going to see a "kid movie" and being darn proud of it! :)) You go girl... And you sound like a wonderful Auntie!!

  2. I love kids movies ! I remember seeing the first Shrek with Bestest Bud and cackling like fiends waaayyyy after everyone had stopped laughing.

    Previews for Gnenomio & Juliet encouraged the same kind of laughter. ;) Ozzy Osbourne as the Deer ! ROFL !



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