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Friday, 14 January 2011

-322 Hotel for Cats - Back to the blog ( Wednesday 5th January 2011 )

Photo of Fluffy by Miss365

My first full day at home no one to talk to, all on my own just me, myself and The Cat Empire....no..not even The Cat Empire. He was still at Devoted Dad & Marvelous Mum's being given all the love and attention he craves in his little egotistical, wavyhaired, alert little body ;)

So what did I do with my day ?

Oh I went back to my regular holiday routine. Slept in until about 11am, lay in bed and checked all the usual social networking sites & email in bed on the iPad ( new to the holiday routine and let me say that I like it. I like it a lot! Lol ), getting out of bed and having a combo breakfast/lunch that is far too late and lazy to be called brunch and perhaps having an after breakfast/lunch Nanna Nap again ( thanks to The Princess for demonstrating on our holiday away that it was perfectly legitimate to do so ) ;)

So I did leave my 1000 white thread count sheets and doona cover bed eventually. Marvellous Mum did call wanting to know when The Cat Empire was going to leave the 'Hotel for Cats'. Marvellous Mum ( and by default Devoted Dad ) have strays they have adopted.
  • Cornelius ( otherwise known as Mao ) Father who adopted Marvellous Mum by essentially being lazy and plonking himself in her backyard. She fell in love with him because he was placid ( deceived by his lack of inner drive to move and innate laziness ) and after bringing home Girlfriend #1 whom was white, lovely and lame and had to be taken to a local cat protection society. Cornelius/Mao bided his time and then sent Girlfriend #2 and the 2 kids to their doorstep before taking off for a few days before Marvellous Mum could make the connection. Once they were fed and looked like they could 'stay' Cornelius/Mao came back. Marvelous Mum scolded him to no avail.
  • Mother ( no otherwise known as ) obviously loves Cornelius/Mao with blind love as we are convinced he has other families and is a cat bigamist. Current mother of 2 teenagers and 5 kittens.
  • Clifford ( aka Cheeky ) Cheeky teenage boy who landed on doorstep at about 12 weeks old. First one to be desexed. Loves his mum. 
  • Clarabelle ( aka Catgirl aka Clifford depending on who you talk to ) Catgirl ( my name ) Clifford ( Rock on Bro's name before knowing she was a girl ) very skittish. Caused havoc in experienced Vet's office when going to be desexed. Can climb up and stay hovering between blinds and windows with surprising ease. Loves lizards and frogs. Has kitten envy. 
  • The kittens - There are Chairman Mao ( has a white goatee ), Mowhawk ( has a stripe down his/her head), Ugly ( I do not know why and I'm not sure who named him/her ), Fluffy ( this cat is hilarious. He looks like his fur is constantly plauged with static electricity. And he is fairly ridiculous ) & Devoted Dad's little mate ( loves his tummy rubbed, coming inside the house etc ).
So in the not too distant future the kittens are being taken to a Cat Society place that finds homes for kittens and proclaimed they do not enthanise. Marvellous Mum has decided to keep Fluffy ( or at least one kitten ). I think I have convinced her to keep Devoted Dad's little mate too.

I am a bad influence ;)

So yes back to the blog ( amazing where these posts can go sometimes ! ) I did pick up The Cat Empire that afternoon and caught up with the Paries ( short for Parents ) and by the time I came home it was evening and I had a very exciting day to look forward to and some flat cleaning up to do.

Yay! My first quiet day at home after holiday away survived ! Go me!


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