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Friday, 7 January 2011

-326 New Years Eve - Hurrah !

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New Years Eve started off quiet. It's amazing how one night can come with all sorts of expectations of "fun" and "merriment" when really it's just another day and the pressure to do something a little more out there or special is a bit silly really. 

I did say in my post yesterday ( -327 Keep Calm and Carry On ) that I was taken by surprise at the fact that The Crazy Med Student was leaving earlier than I expected but after a good nights sleep, a bit of prayer I woke up and decided to make the most of the time we had together. 

We didn't do much during the day. A lot of being lazy, talking, reading magazines, watching cable tv ( which none of us have at home ) and then some of us going out for supplies and lunch before ending up having a quiet night in. 

What I loved about the night was when I asked someone what the highlight of 2010 was and it started a chain of shared memories, laughter and teasing and some good natured mocking that I love most about our friendships. 

When it was my turn to answer what the hightlight of my year was I didn't want to be a downer but so I said honestly that the trip to New York for the 'Wedding of the Year' ( The Princess & The American Boy ) was my highlight. When they pressed me further I did say though that I was hanging for 2010 to be over and I really wanted 2011 to be different. They reminded me that I finally had a migraine diagnosis ( yes I am thankful ) and that Bachelor #4 and I are building a good friendship. But yes I am quite certain that 2010 was not a year that I will look back on with fondness. God taught me and drew me to Him in ways I never would have expected and I am thankful to Him for that but He knows I am happy to see the back of 2011. 

And for most people that I've spoken to so far this year and late last year, they either thought 2010 was the best year for them ever ( marriage, babies etc ) or they would rather see the back of it ( death, illness etc ). Hardly anyone I spoke to had a "meh" year in 2010. 

My one down of the evening though did come at about 11.30pm when we were all upstairs and the topic of conversation was about marriage, weddings, children and being pregnant for the past half hour or so. I could feel the sob start to rise in my chest so I carefully and quietly got up and went downstairs, went out the back and just sat there and prayed while the tears of a single, lonely chick who would really like 2011 to be the year the single drought ends just poured down my face.

But the the blessing was that as quick as it came it went away too so by the time I came back upstairs the conversation topic had changed to other things and I had composed myself enough for no one to really notice. Not that night anyway ;)

So I hope your NY eve was great and special or that you got a solid night's sleep and the yahooing did not wake your slumber if you chose to sleep through the clock ticking over. 

And what was with that iphone alarm not working anyway ? ;)


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