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Monday, 10 January 2011

-323 Back to reality ( Tuesday 4th January 2011 )

Photo by nuttakit
*sigh* Holiday over. We had to lock up and be out of The Holiday House by 10am  but I knew that going straight home would be hard for me after having five straight days of company. Going home to an empty flat is always difficult for me after being with people after long stretches of time like this so I've worked out ways of distracting myself. 

On the way home, after saying goodbye to Bestest Bud, Bonsai Master and Such A Boy - who thought that he would see me in a few minutes, I drove down the coast a half hour and stopped off at a large shopping centre to indulge in some retail therapy. As you do ;)

I had fun shopping, eating lunch and was tempted to see a movie but was aware of hitting peak hour traffic if I left it too late that by the time I ended up putting my key in the door it was about 6pm that night. 

And it was ok. I had enough to do that night to not feel "alone" and missing the lazy, lounge bodies that were sitting ducks for random chats. ;) After four years of living solo it took me about 2 of them to work out that after I've spent holiday time, or camp time with people that I need to plan to do something fun or distracting afterwards or I'm prone to hit the singleton loneliness blues pretty hard. I co-lead a camp for teens with disabilities each year with Bestest Bud & Bonsai Master and last year I got smart and booked a trip leaving the day I got home to visit Miss Chicago for five days ( this was after already spending 10 days in New York & Pittsburgh for the Wedding of the Year - that was an awesome month ! ). 

I think I've worked out a bunch more strategies for coping with the downsides to being single or even just living solo than I've realised. Pity I had to though :P

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