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Friday, 14 January 2011

-321 A really really ridiculously good day ( Thursday 5th January 2011 )

Homemade cherry mochas.....Strawberry Oreos....Miss Chicago at my home in person....sunshine & swimming in the pool with Miss Chicago, Bestest Bud, Bonsai Master, Polly Pocket & Such a Boy....spicy noodles, honey chicken & dumplings with The Princess & American Boy....Cold War Kids gig....home after midnight....*sigh*..Happiness :)

Miss Chicago came over this morning for a coffee before heading over to spend some time with Bestest Bud and The Crew. So we chatted about our year, fun things but also some things we were both struggling with and could relate to as only single people who live on their own can. Everyone has their challenges, married people, single people with flatmates (yep I remember), people living with family members, those that are divorced or separated and having to navigate the world of dating again while raising their kids. But no one else seems to 'get you' like another who is in a similar situation. So we spent about an hour and a half just talking and sharing and if you've read my post earlier where I've mentioned that my friendship love language is Quality time you would know that the 90minutes meant that we could be slack in our Skyping and emailing in the next few months and it won't mean a thing. Friendship love tank full ;)

So after giving Miss Chicago some time to hang out with The Crew buoyed up on her greeting of "Your so skinny!" when she saw me 'Well no, not skinny yet but I haven't seen her in 6 months and dropping the equivalent weight of a 6 year old child is a bit of a difference!' I headed on over to their place to enjoy lunch, chatting, kid cuddles, Polly Pocket catch up, swimming in the pool which included mermaids, hula hoop swimming through and shark attacks and a whole stack of fun!

After getting in trouble from  Polly Pocket for abandoning her ( in other words leaving her house before she was ready ) I went on home to get ready to head into the inner city to claim my birthday present from The Princess & The American Boy - a ticket to see Cold War Kids ! Yay oh yay!

First we had dinner at a fabulous, yet casual Shanghai style restaurant for dinner. The Princess is an avid reviewer on an eating/restaurant forum type website and gave the place a glowing 8/10 overall. She was impressed. I was impressed. I think The American Boy was impressed ( still waters and all that - lol ). 

Belly full we headed across the road to see the support act for Cold War Kids. All I am going to say is this. Young. Too many effects pedals. Too loud. Therefore do not deserve their amps. ;)

However Cold War Kids were amazing ! I love Nathan Willett's voice and the way he gets down and sings with his mic stand - love. :) It also cracked me up constantly to see Matt Maust ( the guitarist ) get so into playing ( and in the way ) that he kept getting either pushed or booted out of the way by the Bass player. They even played Saint John which went off. Here's someone elses recording from the gig ( no it's not me! )

So I by the time I got home that night it was well after midnight and upon reflection it was a really, really ridiculously good day :)


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