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Saturday, 15 January 2011

-313 #9 in 365 Good things ( Saturday 15th January 2011 )

Photo by Suat Eman
#9 It is easier to listen to that still, small voice that has been prompting you to help in Queensland for the past couple of days ( despite being 900km away ) and take grab the opportunity when God gives you instructions to "Go". 

I'm headed to the suburbs of Brisbane on Monday afternoon to volunteer ( not sure with who or what yet ) because a lovely lady that posts regularly on a different Christian Dating Site that has a forum has opened her home to anyone who wants to come up and stay so they can help with the clean up. 

Because I am single and on holidays I was able to book flights and put my hand up for a week of volunteering without feeling guilty that I am neglecting anyone or leaving anyone to fend for themselves. Marvelous Mum said that they would have The Cat Empire again for the duration ( and loan me the flight and food money )  and I will be back to celebrate Australia Day with my friends.

So as you can understand there may not be daily blogs for a while and I will have trouble catching up ( although my idea is that I will be up to date before I leave ). 

God has opened a door and I am going to do what I can to demonstrate His love in a practical way.  And I know it's His will because while my spirit jumped at the opportunity I had that thread of fear and uncertainty too. Out. Of. My. Comfort. Zone. ;)


PS Could you also pray that I don't get any migraines that stop my in my volunteering tracks while I am up there and that I don't get so worn out that I get hit with them when I get home and have trouble getting to work on the Friday ? Thanks :)


  1. Certainly will pray for your health. And the other stuff God will show you, and that he will use mightily (even in the little things).

  2. Thank you Chelle. I really appreciate it. :)

    I am so far out of my comfort zone here - am staying with someone I don't know, as yet not sure where and what I will be doing. But I do know that God wants me to do it as soon as I booked my flights and got over that inital "What am I doing?!" thought I have had a sense of peace ever since.

    Just gotta pack now.

  3. I'm sure God will bless your desire to help out and preserve your health for this! I just feel so sad for these cities in Australia. I hope that it all clears out and all is well very soon!



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