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Thursday, 6 January 2011

A non counting post - an explanation of what is to come....

Photo by Simon Howden
So well, yes I am a bit behind in my blogging. I had every intention of posting each night before I went to bed while I was away ( and I did the first night ) but I didn't count on the signal being patchy up at the Holiday House or the fact for the first few nights I slept on a sofa bed in a communal area and ended up sleeping only when everyone else decided to go to bed. I also enjoyed the fact that there were other people around so much that sitting down and writing something insightful ( in private and away from the others so not to reveal my secret identity ! ) was not appealing as the lazy bodies reading magazines or watching TV that were free game for a chat. ;)

Hence almost a week of non blogging went by - whoops. I did half write posts in my head as I went about my day which was kind of odd and strange. I missed writing and however many of you actually read this thing other than me. 

It may take a day or so to catch up on the week that has just passed and today I am catching up a little more with Miss Chicago ( *wave!* ) and then catching a band tonight with The Princess & American Boy so depending on how I feel when I get home you may read about New Years Eve and our exciting times ( lol ) a little later. 

Hope you all had a wonderful start to 2011. I did have a bit of down time and got to catch up on your blog posts and discover some new blogs - I'm loving feeling more connected to those of you in similar situations out there in God's big, wide world. :) 



  1. I had missed you and was hoping you were having so much fun that you just didn't have time to write.

    Glad you had a great break. Maybe you'll catch up on sleep too, now that you're not 'sharing a room'! :)

  2. :) Yes I was having a lot of fun and relaxing a lot too!

    One of the benefits of people leaving early was the fact that I ended up grabbing a room by the 3rd night ;)



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