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Thursday, 30 December 2010

-327 Keep calm and carry on

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Yes there is a 'Keep calm and carry on' poster here at the holiday house I am staying at with my friends. I think I actually have to remember that this week because already I have had to take a few deep breaths when my understanding of certain situations where different to what I thought they were.

I think one of the harder things about being single is that you value your friendships in a different way than when you are in a relationship, whether that be a long term partner or married. The priorities are different and I don't know for sure but perhaps the need to hang out with your friends isn't as strong. Maybe it's because I am battling loneliness and they perhaps at this point in time are not.

I think I am expecting too much of them to be like I am, to be excited to be spending time together and to not be rushing off to the next thing. Maybe I am just living too much in the past when we used to get together and spend hours just laughing and giggling.

Tonight was fun though. And I' m looking forward to the days where all of us will be here together and I'm going to make the most of the time we have :) Sorry to sound whiny. :s

Maybe I'm just overtired tonight ;)


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  1. Hope you have a great time together. We miss out on so much when we rush to the next thing and don't stay in the now. Hope you have many 'now' moments with your friends, on holidays and throughout the year.

  2. Hi Chelle and thanks for your comment :)

    Once everyone was contained for a day the relaxing began and while people still did leave earlier than I initally was prepared for it was a really lovely time away with my friends. :)

    Living in the now is hard to do sometimes isn't it?



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