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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

-333 Un.....

Well it turns out that for the past two days I wasn't mailblocked at all by Bachelor #4. 

So I'll explain what led up to my blog post last night. 

Bachelor #4 and I have been exchanging emails for almost a fortnight via an in house system on The Dating Site That Shall Not Be Named. The night of my Hope post I sent an email to him and then on the morning of my LOST post I had an email in the system from him ( he replied after I had gone to bed ) but I couldn't access it for some reason. Additionally all the emails from my inbox and sent messages file between us had disappeared. Now this is supposed to occur when you mailblock someone. *sigh*. Perhaps he had just been a bit too enthusiastic with clearing out his mail so I gave him the benefit of the doubt and I wasn't going to jump to any conclusions or get upset. Go me ! 

I had added him as a favourite so I was able to see on the night of my LOST post that he was online but he did not appear anywhere on the site. So perhaps I was mailblocked after all. *sigh* So I went to bed. The next morning I thought about just deleting him as a Favourite and being done with it but a gentle nudge from God prompted me to write a final email to him since I had access to his profile via the Favourite page ( this is something I would not have had if I had deleted him ).  So I just sent a quick "Hey, couldn't read your last message, but I suspect it may have been a 'best of luck with your search kind of one', I know you've mailblocked me but because I've added you as a favourite I can send you a mail, I'll delete you etc, I've enjoyed our chats, will be praying that God guides your steps as you continue your search etc...." 

Deleted him off my iphone & ipad apps as a Favourite but didn't quite get to the full profile. Had my day, wrote my post last night after *sighing* a lot ( I just didn't get it am I that scary?!) and went to bed after having a bit of a chat to God to help me because I just don't understand this online thing. 

Woke up this morning to the sound of both my ipad and iphone making email notification noises. Turns out I had mail at The Dating Site That Shall Not Be Named. A fair amount of mail. From the one member. Bachelor #4. 

Turns out he didn't block me. It was a weird glitch in the system. He tried sending the original message a few times to try and make it work. Even logged on in the morning before work. :) 

So I think I can safely say that Bachelor #4 and I are moving forward. And I've given him an email address outside the system just in case it ever happens again ;)

I think I'm also proud of the way I handled it too. A while ago I would have been really sad because he didn't like me and my ego would have been crushed to the point where I would have put more hope into the situation that it really deserves at this point in time. This time I was really more hurt and confused by the being mailblocked part - how on earth could I have gotten it so wrong? How?! But I didn't cry, not one tear was shed because I didn't pin any silly dreams on the potential of someone I barely even know. I am proud of how far I have come. :)


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