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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

-341 Happy Valentines to me

Photo by George Stojkovic
Well today is Polly Pocket's 7th birthday and she had a lovely fun day full of celebrations and presents and lots of phone calls and text messages. I spent a bit of time with her earlier tonight and got to hear about her day and give her gift to her. One very excited little 7 year old. I still remember that child as a one month old (as jetlagged as I was I do remember!) meeting her for the first time and how tiny she was. It's amazing how one child (and now two with Such a boy) who are not my own can grab my heart and hold it the way they do. I can only imagine how parents feel about their children and how God must feel about us. 


So anyway, I have this aversion to going to gigs on my own. I recently gave up Lior tickets that I had bought because I firstly couldn't find anyone to go with me after a friend that I was going with couldn't go any longer and then I couldn't bring myself to go on my own. But in February ( on the 17th actually ) one of my favourite bands Doves are in Sydney and I am not going to miss them. And I know trying to get anyone interested in going when it's a band that is not mainstream or because it's a Thursday night would almost be impossible so it's a case of regret not seeing them live or getting out of denial land that I am single and may well always be. And go to gigs on my own. 

I bought a standing room ticket. Eeeeek. :)

I have until February to deal but I could talk myself out of Lior because he is an Australian artist. Doves are not. So Happy Valentines Day to me :)


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