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Monday, 13 December 2010

-343 Itchy travel feet

Photo by Arvind Balaraman
So Bachelor #4 and I have been swapping travel stories over the past couple of nights and I now blame him because I have itchy travel feet. :)

I love traveling.

I've only really discovered this love in the past 10 years since being single and it's something I don't think I would have ever found out about myself had The Real Ex and I stayed together. 

So Bachelor #4 shared some of his recent travel expeditions and I started to feel that tingling in my feet. At first I ignored it as a well documented side effect of my migraine prevention meds is tingling in the hands and feet so I'm used to it but then I realised it was my travel feet that were getting itchy. Oh oh. I don't have the money for this ! Lol !

I am going 2 hours up the coast for 5 days over New Years but that is about relaxing not travelling. My travel browsing Expedia and Webjet fingers are getting wriggly and I wonder what last minute January deals I am going to be looking at tonight ?

I'll let you know. ;)


PS Marvelous Mum and Devoted Dad are not going to be particularly pleased if I do. They are already cat sitting The Cat Empire for the time I am away and currently have a tribe of 9 cats ( don't ask - long story ) they are feeding. Um, not sure how excited they are going to be if I book a trip OS for a week in Jan. ;)


  1. Ohh yes, I would love to travel...was thinking I would try and fly down to sunny florida after Christmas...course I don't have any extra money that could be a problem...

    I think you should just go! Get out and see some new sites. It's good for ya! :)heehee

  2. I'm seriously considering a trip. Maybe a last minute deal. Stay tuned ;)

    Most of my debt is due to travelling. Lol. Every time I pay it off I seem to accumulate more ;)



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