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Saturday, 4 December 2010

-352 It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Photo by Suat Eman
It's time to put up the Christmas tree which is something I didn't do last year since I was lazy and couldn't be bothered. Before you gasp and tut tut tut at me I did put lights in the window I just couldn't be bothered to take down the tree from the top of the wardrobe just for me to look at! ;)

This year I am having Christmas eve with my immediate family at my flat so not only do I want to have the decorations up I need to clean the flat properly. *sigh* 

I inwardly complain that I rarely get invited over for dinner or whatever to other people's places and blame it on being single. And while to some degree it's true, like my birthday evening most people assumed that I would be spending it with someone else, I haven't opened my home to others in a long time. 

Then he turned to the host. "The next time you put on a dinner, don't just invite your friends and family and rich neighbors, the kind of people who will return the favor. Invite some people who never get invited out, the misfits from the wrong side of the tracks. You'll be—and experience—a blessing. They won't be able to return the favor, but the favor will be returned—oh, how it will be returned!—at the resurrection of God's people."Luke 14:12-14 (The Message)

And while that verse is encouraging me to invite over those that won't be able to give me an invite back, it also reminds me that if I invite others over they will more than likely return the favour. ( Or at least I will have people over and won't be sitting on my own on a Friday or Saturday night ). ;)

It's just getting the motivation to do it I guess. This year has been a shocking year for me health wise and while I finally have an answer it has meant that a vast majority of my free weekends have been on the lounge or in bed sleeping. Not tidying or cleaning. I have a lot of work to do before Christmas eve.

But the tree is up, the Christmas lights are all aglow and while I was going to watch 'The Year Without Santa Claus' while I did it ( I am Team Heat Miser all the way ! ) Anne of Green Gables was on TV and I watched that instead....although I did mute the tv when Matthew died *sob* 

Only 21 days till Christmas!


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