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Saturday, 11 December 2010

-345 Bachelor Update #2

It's been a while so I thought I'd give you a Bachelor Update. Be prepared....

..for a short post ;)

Bachelor #1 - Has deleted his online profile and I presume has blocked me on MSN. Meh. Next.

Bachelor #2 - Wasn't really a Bachelor in my view and because of him being full on due to the way he is wired ( fearfully and wonderfully made but just with the full on social switch up to +20 ) I have to limit our online contact. So at the moment he is more like a Bachelor in training for some other fabulous chickie. :)

Bachelor #3 - Dropped off the radar and I haven't heard from him since his suggestion that we meet up when he got back to Sydney. Next. :)

Bachelor #4 - We have only just started emailing. Lives in another state. We have music, travel and an honest assessment of our faith in common so far. I am impressed because he has literally been to Hell. (Yes, follow the link but in a new tab so you can keep reading! ) 

So that's the update. I find online 'dating' difficult because it is so easy to make assumptions about people based on their photo or how cleverly they sell ( or don't ) themselves in their profile and it's easier for some to click on that red x button at the top of the screen when miscommunication occurs instead of asking and clarifying. It brings out the online shopper mentality I think. I struggle with it. But that said, it gives me hope that there are single, Christian men out there that may be interested in getting to know me and whether or not it is the way I meet Mr365 it gives me hope and something to do on a Friday and Saturday home alone night ;)


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