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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

-342 Such a non day

Such a non eventful day today. 

  • Traffic was irritating. Jason Falkner took care of that. Made it less so. Thanks Jason ;)
  • I did some admin work. I tried not to fuss around and see what Oprah was up to with her first Sydney show online. 
  • I ate lunch unenthusiastically. I ate chocolate less unenthusiastically. ;)
  • Did some more admin work that may involve receiving money a little later down the track so was slightly more motivated to get it done.
  • May have checked out what Oprah was up to online again. 
  • Went shopping after work to buy some shorts in my new size ( cannot believe that I am in a new size already and buying shorts! Not short shorts but shorts all the same!)
  • Also bought new drinking glasses, a pair of shoes and a card and ribbon for Polly Pocket's 7th birthday tomorrow :)
  • Have fussed around at home cleaning up a bit and decluttering, have eaten dinner and now about to go to bed. Helping to supervise 90 screaming kids on their last day of school tomorrow at a pool party before our long 5 week holidays. Cannot wait until Friday 3.15pm when I am FREE for 5 weeks ! Hurrah !


Edit - Have realised for such a non day I have fussed a lot. Lol ! 

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