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Friday, 3 December 2010

-353 Something in the water

Photo by Francesco Marino
There is something in the water. Or I'm just at an age where I seem to be going to endless Baby showers, keeping "I'm pregnant but not quite 12 weeks yet announcements" quiet and reading creative "We're pregnant!" announcements on Facebook and Twitter statuses and feeds. 

I am going to a Baby Shower tomorrow and I have a confession to make. I really dislike with a passion.....sorry if you like them....Baby Shower games.  (And Kitchen Tea games too while we're at it - lol!) Ugh! I don't mind the "Guess how big the belly is with a piece of coloured wool" game or the "Take a peg off someone every time they say 'Baby'". But I seriously draw the line at "Be blindfolded and smell the nappy* to guess what chocolate it is!"

And my ponderings tonight may sound like a case of 36 year old single sour grapes but at what age do Baby Showers and Kitchen Teas for that matter become redundant ? I would find it seriously hard to justify asking people to buy me gifts as a 37/38/39 year old for gifts to help me set up a kitchen/house/baby when I have been working full time since I was 22 and hopefully so has my 'yet to show his face' other half. But then I guess I have always found the concept of a Baby shower hard to swallow anyway and I have spent a lot of money over the years paying for venues and extras for my birthday celebrations so that I can celebrate with the people I love. 

But I care about my friends so I have bought a gift for tomorrow but I am not going to be sniffing any nappies* even if they are covered in my favourite chocolate ;)

*Nappy - Aussie speak for diaper ;)


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