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Saturday, 18 December 2010

-338 End of single rope found

I thought I'd found the end of my patience with being single before tonight. Sadly hit a new low tonight and although it wasn't prolonged or highly emotional I just have had enough.

Trying to explain to Devoted Dad why I didn't want to go to Christmas Day with a "single not married nay not even a boyfriend " invisible stamp on my forehead was more than I could deal with. I feel like Bridget Jones but without the Mark Darcy or a Daniel Cleaver or the great soundtrack ;)

I've been reading Elizabeth Gilbert's book "Committed" and there's this great observation in there about one of her single, unmarried friends who is giving and amazingly independent but still feels sad and unfullfilled because she hasn't been chosen by someone. That's pretty much how I feel in a way.

But I know I've been chosen by God ( but then there's a little voice inside my head that says my married friends have been too )

Anyway still not sure what to do about Christmas.....

On a brighter note Bachelor #4 is good value so far & I just made an interesting out of character for me suggestion - so will see how that goes ;)


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